How can I get scholarship in Brunei?

How can I get scholarship in Brunei?

The Application Process is Online. Applications for August 2021 intake is now OPEN. Apply Online, Upload the Documents. To Apply, Please Visit the Official website of the Brunei Darussalam Scholarship.

What is BSP scholarship?

Bicultural Studies Programme (BSP) Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded in Secondary 3 to students admitted to a Bicultural Studies Programme. It is awarded for 4 years.

What is a loan scholarship?

The amount to be awarded to each scholar by way of the loan scholarship is determined on the basis of the norms laid down for the purpose, and does not cover the full cost of studies. The amount awarded as the loan scholarship ranges between Rs. 1,00,000/- and Rs. 10,00,000/-.

Can international students work in Brunei?

Every foreigner who intends to work in Brunei must have a valid Employment Visa authorised by the Department of Immigration and National Registration and issued at the Brunei Embassy. Kitchen helper-both locals and foreign students can apply. …

What is regional studies Programme?

1. The Regional Studies Programme (RSP) and the RSP scholarship was introduced in 2008, with the aim to nurture a segment of non-Malays in each generation who are comfortably conversant in the Malay Language and able to engage regional countries effectively.

What is the difference between a loan and a scholarship?

A student loan is different from a scholarship primarily in that a student loan must be repaid and a scholarship does not need to be repaid. Scholarships can come from a variety of sources, including nonprofit organizations, private companies, universities and colleges, and professional and social organizations.

What is the difference between a loan and grant?

Grants are usually for a specific amount of money and are limited by how much funding the department has to give that year. With a loan, you can get as much funding as your credit (and your ability to repay) will allow.

Is Brunei a good country to study?

Brunei Darussalam has 1 university in the overall Times Higher Education World University Rankings. The highest-ranking university in Brunei Darussalam is Universiti Brunei Darussalam, which is ranked at number 351–400.

How do I apply for a MOE Bursary?

You can apply via the CDC/CCC Bursary and MOE Bursary e-application via the Financial Aid page on SUSS’ website or the Student Portal. Only successful applicants will be notified via their MyMail email account.