How difficult is the Chief?

How difficult is the Chief?

Hiking the Chief is a challenge. Graded as an intermediate hike, there are, on First and Second Peak, chains and ladders for some of the more technical parts of the trail to aid you in getting to the top. When it’s wet, the rock is slippery so keep that in mind, as drop-offs on the summits fall hundreds of feet.

How hard is Squamish Chief?

Stawamus Chief Trail is a 3.7 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Squamish, British Columbia, Canada that features a river and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking, rock climbing, camping, and nature trips and is best used from March until November.

Is the Chief harder than the Grouse Grind?

However, the entire climb takes place on stairs, which may be monotonous, but are much simpler to navigate than the rocks, roots, chains and ladders of the Chief. So, when comparing the Chief hike vs Grouse Grind, we would say the Chief is harder.

Why is the Chief in Squamish called the Chief?

The mountain gets its name from their village near its foot, Stawamus (St’a7mes), as is also the case with the Stawamus River and Stawamus Lake, though the pronunciation of the village name is different from that commonly used in English (/ˈstɑːʔəməs/ is an approximation of the Squamish language, vs /stəˈwɑːmʊs/ as …

Can you hike the chief with running shoes?

I have seen others hike with minimalist running shoes like the Vibram FiveFingers but never barefoot. Not longer afterwards, I made it down to the parking lot, a little sore but totally ready to hike the Stawamus Chief again.

Can dogs hike the chief?

While dogs are permitted on the Stawamus Chief Trails, the ascent up to the first peak is not for the faint of heart. There are small ladders and a few sets of chains your dog must brave.

Are there bears on Stawamus Chief?

An adult black bear is active throughout the park, including in the Backside Trail, campground and climbing areas, warns BC Parks. District wildlife educator, Meg Toom, educates people about being bear aware at the Stawamus Chief park.

How tall is the Chief in Squamish in feet?

702 m
Stawamus Chief/Elevation

Is the Grouse Grind difficulty?

The Grouse Grind is a legendary hiking trail in North Vancouver renowned for its difficulty. It deserves this reputation climbing just shy of 3000 stairs with an incredible 800 m elevation gain over only 3 km, yes it is steep, the average inclination is 28º, with the toughest section at about a 40º!

How many calories do you burn on the Grouse Grind?

1000 calories
The average hike for the average person (154 lbs) burns an estimated 370 calories per hour. However, the Grouse Grind (aka Mother Nature’s Stairmaster), given the aforementioned elevation, has been approximated to burn an average of 1000 calories from start to finish.

Is The Chief a monolith?

The Stawamus Chief (also known as The Chief) is the giant 710 meter-high monolith that looms over Highway 99 and downtown Squamish. Carved in granodiorite that cooled beneath the ceiling of the early Coast Mountains, The Chief is the second-largest granite monolith in the world.

How was the stawamus chief created?

The Chief was formed roughly 100 million years ago as rising magma was forced up by volcanic activity, and subsequently cooled. Over time, glacial erosion formed the cliffs of the Chief, as well as the Howe Sound to the west.

Is there campfire ban in Squamish Provincial Park?

During a campfire ban, smoking is restricted in all public areas of a park or protected area. Please read this Information Bulletin. Stawamus Chief Provincial Park protects the 700-metre massive granite cliffs that stand at the southern entrance to Squamish on the scenic Sea to Sky Highway.

Is there a pay phone in Squamish BC?

The closest store is in Squamish, approximately a 5-minute drive north on Highway 99. There is a pay phone located next to the information kiosk. There are storage lockers located next to the cooking shelter. No campfires are permitted. Campsites are small and overcrowding is not permitted.

How big is Stawamus Chief Provincial Park in BC?

Hiking trails to The Chief’s three summits offer rewarding views of Howe Sound, Squamish town site and surrounding mountains. This park has opportunities for camping, hiking, rock climbing and scenic viewing atop the Chief. Size: Park – 530 hectares; Protected Area – 2 hectares

Do you need a day pass for Stawamus Chief?

As of June 23, 2021, free day-use passes will be required to visit Stawamus Chief Provincial Park – Chief Peaks/Backside Trail. Reserve your free day-use pass at Discover Camping.