How do I change the color of my neopet?

How do I change the color of my neopet?

There are a number of ways you can change your Neopet’s species or colour. Most commonly you can buy a Magical Paintbrush and then go to the Rainbow Pool. You can paint different pets in different colours, go to the Rainbow Pool for the full list before you buy a brush.

How do you use the Rainbow Pool in Neopets?

First, go to Neopia Central then click on the small pool with the rainbow coming down into it. Once you get there, you will see the Paint Brushes you have in your Inventory. Your pets will be listed at the bottom of the page with a dropdown in which you will find the colours available for that particular pet.

Where is the Rainbow Pool Neopets?

Neopia Central
The Rainbow Pool is located in Neopia Central.

Can you paint a morphed Neopet?

A Morphing potion is a bottled item that your pet can consume to change its colour and species at the same time. After morphing your pet, you can paint it a different colour with a Paint Brush.

How do I turn my Neopet into a mutant?

Mutant is a colour a Neopet takes on by drinking a Transmogrification Potion or visiting the Lab Ray. It is infamous for being the trademark of Dr. Frank Sloth, a villain who wishes to make all Neopets his slaves.

What does the Rainbow Fountain do in Neopets?

Key Quest. The Rainbow Fountain Water Power-up Allows You To change any player’s key colour, including your own, to a different colour. Upon using it, you will be asked which player to use the item on. You will then be able to exchange one of their key colors for another color.

How do you use paint brushes on Neopets?

Using a paint brush If the paint brush in the user’s inventory can be used on one of displayed Neopets, then a drop down list containing the name of the paint brush will appear below that Neopet. The user must select the paint brush from this drop down box and then click the Submit button to use the paint brush.

Where is the Neolodge on Neopets?

The Neolodge is on the main shops map. Click on “Shops” in the yellow toolbar, and the Neolodge is the large grey building at the bottom of the map.

How do you paint Neopets chocolate?

To get a Chocolate neopet, you will need access to the Secret Lab Ray or a Fountain Faerie Quest. It is not possible to paint a pet chocolate with a paintbrush. You may also be able to adopt or trade one. For a Chocolate petpet, you will need access to the Petpet Lab Ray.

How do you get a zombie neopet?

Zombie is one of the colours that can be applied to a Neopet. You can get a zombie pet by using the Zombie Paint Brush, costing around 1,400,000 Neopoints, in the Rainbow Pool. Zombie pets look somewhat decomposed and rotten with a faint green color, sometimes with additional stitches and tape on their body.

Can you paint a Draik?

You can also paint a draik any color they have available, regardless of the color of the egg you’ve hatched from.