How do I check my Chao stats?

How do I check my Chao stats?

On the non-Dreamcast games, each stat has four sub-components: grade, level, points, and bar. All of them can be seen in the information window when you pick up your Chao, with the exception of the grade, which can be seen by visiting the Chao Doctor in the Kindergarten.

How do you know when your Chao is evolving?

A Chao evolves into a ‘Normal’ type if it has recently interacted with animals/drives in a balanced way. This includes when it has been given nothing at all! The Chao will evolve into the Swim type. You give your Chao 5 Run animals, then 5 Power animals, then 5 Fly animals, and then 5 Swim animals.

How do Chao stats work?

Stats for a Chao consist of seven different abilities: Swim, Fly, Run, Power, Stamina, Luck and Intelligence. Each stat can be leveled up through giving Animals, Chaos Drives, or fruits to a Chao. A Chao’s stats affect their performance in Chao Races and Chao Karate, and can change how the Chao moves around the garden.

Can you get rid of animal parts on Chao?

When you give your Chao a Small Animal, it absorbs not only stats, but takes on features of the animals appearance. Certain animals can change speicific body parts of your Chao. If you give them more animals, the body parts can be replaced by new parts….Note!

Animal Bat
Feet Removes
Tail Removes
Wings Removes

How many times can Chao reincarnate?

In order to get your chao to reincarnate, it must have a happiness of at least 50 by the time it dies, it will reincarnate into an egg, for the process to start all over. Here’s the thing though. If your chao reincarnates four times, when it becomes an adult on it’s fifth life cycle, your chao will evolve even further.

What age does a Chao reincarnate?

Reincarnation. If your Chao had a high enough happiness stat (this is a hidden stat– greater than 30 for SADX and greater than 50 for SA2), it will reincarnate and leave an egg. If it didn’t, then sadly your Chao will not reincarnate and will be gone forever.

How do you make a shadow Chao?

Hatch a Chao from the Chao Garden (or buy one from the Tiny Chao Garden in Sonic Advanced). Raise it with Dark Characters, and treat it so that it favors Dark characters, giving it its favorite fruit, feeding it period. The Chao will turn darker to black eventually.

What are the stats for Chao in Sonic Adventure 1?

In Sonic Adventure 1 on the Dreamcast, there is no luck, intelligence, or stamina, but Chao have another stat called HP (Health Points)! This stat is your Chao’s life. If this reaches zero, your Chao will actually die! If you attack your Chao in the garden, it’s health will decrease.

How many animal parts does an evolved Chao have?

On an evolved Chao, animal parts are bigger, more pronounced and usually a different colour too. This page will list what animals give which body parts. There are seven animal part slots on Sonic Adventure 1 / DX, and eight slots on Sonic Adventure 2 / Battle:

How many animal parts are there in Sonic Adventure 1?

There are seven animal part slots on Sonic Adventure 1 / DX, and eight slots on Sonic Adventure 2 / Battle: There is a great section on the 3D Chao Viewer where you can add animal parts to your Chao to see how they look! Make sure you check it out! Note!

What’s the Max Chao level in Chao island?

The Chao Wiki has more information on Grades, and max grade/stat Chao. Each one of your Chao’s stats has a level, which starts at 0 and ends at 99. The level itself doesn’t actually do anything; your Chao’s current level of ability in a certain stat is determined by its stat points.