How do I check my KRA status?

How do I check my KRA status?

To check the status, you can visit the KRA portal using click ‘Status of your application’ under ‘Status Checker’. Click here to directly navigate to the status screen. On visiting the above link, you have to select the application type such as registration return, payment etc.

How do I register for KRA online?

How to Register

  1. Visit
  2. Select “New PIN Registration”
  3. Select “Non-Individual” and “Online Form” as your mode of registration.
  4. Fill in your basic information.
  5. Select suitable tax obligation by checking the relevant boxes.
  6. Enter details of company directors or partners.
  7. Fill in agent details if you have one.

How do I fill KRA nil returns online?

You can do it at the comfort of your home or wherever you have an internet connection and access to the iTax portal.

  1. Log in to iTax. One ought to utilize the official KRA website to access the iTax portal, and you can do so in the following way.
  2. Select file nil returns.
  3. Select income tax-resident individual nil E-return.

How do I open KRA portal?

How do I get my iTax password?

Open your browser and log in to KRA itax portal: Proceed downward and click where it is written: “forgot password/unlock account.” Proceed to answer the security question and then click submit. A password will be sent to your email, therefore, open another tab and proceed to log in to your email.

How do I update my KRA details online?

Fill in your national identification number, date of birth and security stamp. Click on “submit.” Confirm you want to submit the data. The iPage update page will open and most of your details will be auto-populated. Check that all the information is okay in all tabs.

How do I know my KRA number?

To retrieve your KRA PIN send colored scanned copy of your original ID to [email protected] or visit the nearest KRA Office or Huduma Center with your original ID.

How do I create a KRA account?

How can I get my KRA pin with my ID number?

Scan your ID and post the scanned copy on KRA’S official page and request for your Pin number. You need to inform them that you forgot your password and as such are unable to access it directly from their portal. Alternatively you can tweet the scanned KRA pin copy to their twitter handle.

How do I file my KRA nil return 2021?

How to File Nil Returns Online

  1. First, click on and log in.
  2. Put in your user ID or KRA Pin.
  3. An empty tab will appear where you will input your password and then proceed to do simple arithmetic (known as the Security stamp) below that and click enter.

How do I file my KRA nil return by phone?

To access the KRA services, download the iTax App by the Kenya Revenue Authority from Google Play Store by using an Android Mobile phone.

  1. Photo- How to install a genuine iTax App from Play Store. 2).
  2. Photo- The iTax log in window. 4).
  3. Photo- Click on Nil File return. 5).
  4. Photo- Select Tax Obligation. 6).

What do you need to know about itax Kra?

iTax is a system that has been developed by KRA to improve on efficiency. iTax allows you to register for a PIN, file your tax returns, apply for a tax compliance certificate, generate a payment slip, check your ledger account among others.

How to send a tax pin to Kra?

However a taxpayer intending to transact immediately can send this PIN to KRA through: email [email protected] and [email protected] Call 020 2390919 and 020 2391099 and 0771628105 The system prompts you to at least have one of the tax obligations.

How do I update my iPage with Kra?

Visit the KRA website Click on Online services and select PIN Registration to access the iTax portal. How do I update my iPage? One is required to fill in the mandatory fields especially under basic information then submit the data so as to update the taxpayers information with KRA.