How do I contact HTC Customer Service?

How do I contact HTC Customer Service?

Wildfire Customer Service

  1. Email. Mail us.
  2. Customer Care. 1860-120-00482.

Why are HTC phones not available in the UK?

HTC’s range of Android smartphones have been pulled from sale in the UK as part of an intellectual property dispute between the Taiwanese company and research and development company Ipcom. The two companies had been in arms about a wireless technology developed for car phones.

What HTC means?

HTC stands for High Tech Computer. Actually, it is formerly known as High Tech Computer corporation. Now a days, it is popular as HTC corporation. It is a Taiwanese company best known for manufacturing smart phones and tablets. It was founded in 1997 by “Cher Wang” in Taiyuan City, Taiwan.

Who is HTC owned by?

Google agreed to acquire most of HTC’s design team for $1.1 billion. Today, Google says it has completed the deal. Google says it’s getting about 2,000 engineers, designers, and support staff from the deal. The employees won’t have to relocate as Google already has extensive operations in HTC’s native Taiwan.

Did HTC stop making phones?

Are HTC Phones Still Being Made? HTC is still making phones; its latest, the HTC Desire 20 Pro and Wildfire R70, are not flagships and are pitched instead at the lower end of the market. The top end of the phone market, particularly in the west, is dominated by Apple and Samsung.

Is HTC and Huawei the same?

While both these devices sit on Android Oreo, there’s a big difference in appearance at the top.

What happened to HTC mobiles?

In the eyes of many users, HTC, therefore, has lost its reputation. It later started producing top models under various new names, but they never reached the popularity of Desire. In the meantime, Google bought a part of HTC’s phone business and started producing Pixels.

Where is HTC located?

New Taipei City, Taiwan

Headquarters in Xindian, New Taipei City, Taiwan
Industry Telecommunications equipment
Founded 15 May 1997
Headquarters Xindian, New Taipei , Taiwan
Area served Worldwide

Which country made HTC mobile?

Founded in 1997 as a laptop manufacturer, Taiwan-based HTC soon began making smartphones based on Windows Mobile and Brew.

What’s the phone number for HTC customer service?

Contact us by phone: If you wish to speak to an HTC Customer Relations Associate, call 843-365-2154 or 800-824-6779. For 24/7 Technical Support, call 843-365-2186.

Why do we have to discontinue services for HTC?

As HTC strives to offer customers new innovations for our Smartphones, we also continually evaluate existing apps and services based on various business and customer needs. In order to continue our focus on innovation, it is necessary from time to time to discontinue some services.

Is the HTC One 7.0 still supported?

As a result, starting Aug. 18, 2021, HTC Account prior to version 7.0 will no longer be supported. For later versions, please update to the latest version if you encountered problems on log-in. For customers who require additional assistance, we ask you please contact your local HTC Customer Care.