How do I contact LuLu Qatar?

How do I contact LuLu Qatar?


  1. TELEPHONE. +97440191666.
  2. EMAIL. [email protected].

How many Lulus are there in Qatar?

Today, LuLu symbolizes quality retailing with 215 stores and is immensely popular with the discerning shoppers across the Gulf region.

Who is LuLu owner?

Yusuff Ali
According to Forbes Middle East, Yusuff Ali was ranked No. 1 in Top 100 Indian business owners in the Arab World 2018….M. A. Yusuff Ali.

Yusuff Ali
Occupation Chairman and managing director of Lulu Group International, Y International and LuLu International Shopping Mall
Office Y Tower, Abu Dhabi

What is LuLu click and collect?

Lulu Hypermarket has launched a new online shopping service, so you can place your orders and pay online for your groceries. The shopping will then be taken to a drive-through pick up area at the Al Barsha supermarket where you can collect it from. The bags will be loaded into your car and you can then drive home.

Where is Lulu’s headoffice?

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
LuLu Group International/Headquarters

Can I return items to Lulu?

Purchased items can be returned/refunded only if the product returned with all the original packaging materials, accessories, manuals, (with free goods, if any) supplied at the time of your order.

How many Lulu stores are there?

LuLu Group International

Type Limited liability company
Number of locations 215 stores
Area served Asia (including the GCC and MENA) Africa Europe America
Key people Yusuff Ali M.A. (Founder and Managing Director)
Revenue US$ 7.4 billion (Mar 2020)

How many Lulu are there in the world?

The group is currently active in 21 countries and operates 136 retail stores. The group has announced a massive expansion plan over the next 10 years. The Group opened its first supermarket in the early nineties in Abu Dhabi and gradually expanded to cover different parts of Abu Dhabi.

Is LuLu Indian company?

Yusuff Ali M.A. LuLu Group International is an Emirati multinational conglomerate company that operates a chain of hypermarkets and retail companies, headquartered in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. It was founded in 2000 by M. A. Yusuff Ali from Nattika, Thrissur district in Kerala, India.

Where is Yusuf Ali from?

Nattika, India
M. A. Yusuff Ali/Place of birth

What does Lulu stand for?


Acronym Definition
LULU Locally Unwanted Land-Use (planning)
LULU Locally Undesirable Land Use
LULU Loosen Up Lighten Up (physical activity program; UK)
LULU Locally Unwanted/Undesirable Land Use

Does Lulu have free delivery?

In most cases, Lulu does not offer free shipping. There are various shipping methods you may use, however, giving you the ability to choose a method that works best for your budget.