How do I farm astral twilight?

How do I farm astral twilight?

Astral Twilight was initially offered as a reward from completing the Overtake Tactical Alert, which was active from January 22, 2015 to January 26, 2015. It can be dropped as a Rathuum reward or from the Lua Spy mission reward. Dropped by Denial Bursas, Mimics, and Kuva Jesters. to purchase.

How do I use Glaive prime?

When equipping the Glaive Prime, the player can throw it and then press the melee button to detonate the Glaive Prime on punch through or impact with a solid surface, dealing high AoE damage. The Glaive Prime then returns to the player immediately. This is true for all thrown melee weapons.

Is the Xoris good?

The biggest advantage of the Xoris is actually the infinite combo duration, which allows for some really strong builds most melee weapons might struggle with. Mods like Blood Rush or Weeping Wounds will be super strong with this weapon and you even get a lot out of something like Gladiator Might and True Punishment.

What is the best Glaive in Warframe?

Falcor is the only glaive I can recommend asides from the glaive prime. It has a usable attack speed, very high damage and enough crit to reach a 95% chance at 12x combo with BR.

How do I farm tempo Royale?


  1. This mod was originally offered as a reward upon completion of the Phoenix Intercept Tactical Alert.
  2. Drops from Isolator Bursas.
  3. Tempo Royale is also sold by Baro Ki’Teer as a periodic item for 385 Ducats and 175,000 Credits.
  4. Tempo Royale can be acquired by completing weekly Conclave missions.

How do I get Glaive Prime blueprint?

How To Get Glaive Prime

  1. Axi L1, Axi E1 that drop Glaive Prime Blade.
  2. Neo S5, Meso F3 that drop Glaive Prime Disc.
  3. Lith G1, Lith G2 that drop Glaive Prime Blueprint.

Can you still get Glaive prime?

They still drop from Relic Packs purchased via Platinum, and Syndicate Relic Packs purchased via Syndicate Standing. They do not drop from normal activities, however. These Unvaulted Relics will only drop from doing Cetus Bounty missions, Orb Vallis Bounties, and Cambio Drift Bounties, and missions in the Void.

How do I equip Xoris Warframe?

You will need to fight Protea and a group fo Specters in the Granum Void. The Xoris can be charged by hitting three Specter ghosts, then it can be used to interrupt Protea’s attempt to turn back time by throwing it at her during her ult, and hitting the attack button while it is in flight to cause a temporal explosion.

What does the Xoris do?

The Xoris has high Slash damage, and great Critical Chance and Critical Multiplier stats. You can also throw the Glaive as a heavy attack, and it can bounce between three different enemies before returning to you. The main use of the Xoris is during the fifth Deadlock Protocol mission.