How do I farm gold hands Persona 4 Golden?

How do I farm gold hands Persona 4 Golden?

Just hit them with your weapon like any other shadow, and you’ll start a combat encounter with them. Unlike most other enemies, these Golden Hands have no weaknesses. They’re immune to instant kill attacks, so your best bet is to increase your critical rate at the start of battle and hit them with physical attacks.

How do you kill the gold hands in Persona 4?

Golden hand do not have any weakness, and they are immune to instant kill attacks. The only way to defeat them is to use physical attacks. The more you focus on increasing the critical hit rate the more soon the hand will be defeated.

Where can I find gold hands Persona 4?

Persona 4. Wealth Hand appears as a rare golden Shadow, possibly found in all of the halls of the Steamy Bathhouse within the Midnight Channel. It may rarely attack or Stand By while its health is still high but it will escape when damaged.

How do you get the angel statue in Persona 4 Golden?

Return to Yukiko’s Castle to find an Angel Statue from an enemy called Avenger Knight. It’s an enemy that’s summoned from Positive King. You’ll have to defeat this guy around floor 5-7 to get the Angel Statue.

What is Nizam beast weak to?

Nizam Beasts have no weaknesses, but no resistances to worry about. They are somewhat easier to inflict status ailments on, however. If more than one Nizam Beast is present, using Chie’s Skull Cracker or Yosuke’s Tentarafoo is an effective way to incapacitate them long enough to be killed.

Where is the dance hand Persona 4?

Persona 4. Dancing Hands are found in Halls 5 through 8 of the Steamy Bathhouse in the Midnight Channel. They will generally appear mixed in with other types of Shadows and will play a support role for them. When defeated, Dancing Hands may drop Thick Hide.

How do you get the Reaper in Persona 4 Golden?

For it to appear in Persona 4 Golden, players will need to open 20 treasure chests. Avoid opening the golden chests though, as this can reset the counter. Players can open 20 treasure chests inside of a dungeon and the chains will begin to rattle. The chain rattling is a sign that the Reaper is approaching.

What level is the Reaper Persona 4 Golden?

Persona 4

Arcana Level HP
Death 85 5,000

How do you revisit Yukiko’s Castle?

Return. The next time you visit Yukiko’s Castle, Teddie will give you three Goho-M. This item will allow you to return to the entrance of the castle without having to walk all the way back.

How do you get positive king to summon Avengers Knight?

On the seventh floor of Yukiko’s Castle, Positive Kings will begin summoning Avenger Knights to battle if both are still on the field when they use Summon. They will also cover the Avenger Knight’s weakness to Fire with Red Wall if given the opportunity.