How do I get OSI PI certified?

How do I get OSI PI certified?

Requirements: Accreditation as a PI System infrastructure specialist. Complete installation technical training course. Complete business course….Support for resellers

  1. One year of experience configuring the PI System.
  2. Complete courses and a readiness assessment.
  3. Pass an online review.

What is OSI PI software?

OSIsoft develops and supports software used to capture, process, analyze, and store any form of real-time data. The PI System is a suite of software products that are used for data collection, historicizing, finding, analyzing, delivering, and visualizing.

How do I install PI on Internet Explorer?


  1. Verify that you are logged in with administrative rights.
  2. Go to the directory where you downloaded the PI AF install kit.
  3. Click Start. The PI SDK is installed.
  4. Click Finish.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Enter your user information and click Next.
  7. Optionally, define a network connection to the PI AF server.
  8. Click Next.

What is PI Asset Framework?

PI Asset Framework (PI AF) is a single repository for asset-centric models, hierarchies, objects, and equipment. It integrates, contextualizes, refines, references, and further analyzes data from multiple sources, including one or more PI Data Archives and non-PI sources such as external relational databases.

Who are OSIsoft competitors?

OSIsoft’s competitors OSIsoft’s top competitors include Splunk, Aspen Technology, BMC Software and SolarWinds. OSIsoft is a company that provides application software for real-time data management.

What is predictive index training?

Predictive Index software and Employers Group training maximizes hiring, onboarding, developing, engaging and retaining talent, identifying high potentials, increasing sales, succession planning, and much more. PI training is modular. Below are the courses along with the total duration of each.

What database does OSI PI use?

Asset Framework Database
The PI “System” as it is often referred to at OSIsoft is the Asset Framework Database (AF). This is a database in the traditional sense stored and accessed using Microsoft SQL server.

Who bought OSI PI?

UK software provider Aveva buys OSIsoft for $5 billion as Softbank cashes out. (Reuters) – British industrial software provider Aveva Group is buying SoftBank-backed peer OSIsoft for an enterprise value of $5 billion, it said on Tuesday, as it seeks to expand its services with the California-based firm’s PI system.

What is PI System Explorer?

PI System Explorer (PSE) provides a graphical user interface for creating, editing and managing PI AF objects. Use PSE to create and manage your asset framework including PI AF databases elements, templates, and all other PI AF objects.

What is PI Process Book?

PI ProcessBook is a graphics package that allows users to create dynamic, interactive graphics and trends featuring real-time PI System data. Data can be viewed from multiple sources, such as relational databases that expose ODBC-compliant interfaces, or AF 2.

What is a PI tag?

PI Points, also referred to as PI Tags, are what define the data streams stored in the Data Archive. Whenever a PI System administrator wants to collect a new stream of data, he or she must create a PI Point.

What does the predictive index do?

A Predictive Index (PI) Test allows recruiters to evaluate the cognitive abilities, personality traits and behavioral tendencies of a potential employee, to determine if they are the right fit.

What is Pi in OSI?

PI is a real-time data historian application with a highly efficient time-series database structured and developed by OSIsoft . PI stands for Process Information.

What is OSI pie?

The PI System – OSIsoft . The PI System connects sensor-based data, operations and the people who rely on data to manage process efficiency, asset health, quality and resource management. The PI System works through server-based technology and makes historical and real-time data instantly accessible to users wherever they are.

What is the OSIsoft pi system?

The OSIsoft PI System is all about simplifying this picture . It takes care of the full process for acquiring, archiving, managing and analyzing massive amounts of sensor data. Think of the PI System as a tool that takes care of getting data from the sensors to the users and applications that need it.

What is Pi software?

The PI System is a suite of software products that are used for data collection, historicizing, finding, analyzing, delivering, and visualizing. It is marketed as an enterprise infrastructure for management of real-time data and events.