How do I get SCCM Smsts log?

How do I get SCCM Smsts log?

While the TS sequence runs, you can open the smsts. log file by pressing F8 key. Type CMTrace and you can view the smsts. log file.

Where can I find Smsts log?

SCCM: How to copy SMSTS.log when a Task Sequence fails

Phase Location
Windows Operating System (After the SCCM client is installed) c:\windows\ccm\logs\Smstslog\smsts.log
Windows Operating System (When the Task Sequence is complete) c:\windows\ccm\logs\smsts.log

How do I view SCCM logs?

The log files can be viewed with a tool called CMTrace tool located in the path : SMSSETUP/TOOLS. The SCCM client logs are located in the path : %WINDIR%System32/CCM/Logs folder.

How do I save my Smsts log file?

Copying the Log

  1. Press the F8 key on the keyboard.
  2. The Command Prompt window opens.
  3. Using the Log File Location by Stage table in this document, determine where the smsts.
  4. Copy the smsts.log file to the applicable drive letter (mapped network drive, USB drive, etc.
  5. A message that the file was copied appears.

Where are SCCM task sequence Logs?

Full version Windows (x64) after SCCM agent installed: c:\windows\sysWOW64\ccm\logs\Smstslog\smsts. log. After Task Sequence has finished running: c:\windows\ccm\logs\smsts. log.

Where are MDT Logs stored?

MDT log files reside in C:\MININT\SMSOSD\OSDLOGS during the deployment process. Depending on the type of deployment being conducted, the log files are moved at the completion of the deployment to either %WINDIR%\SMSOSD or %WINDIR%\TEMP\SMSOSD.

How do I get OSD Logs?

You could bring up command prompt by pressing F8 key during OSD. Then use the cmtrace command to bring up the log viewer.

Where Are the Software Center logs?

The log file location, almost always, is found in the same spot: %windir%\CCM\Logs. In my case it is C:\Windows\CCM\Logs.

What are logs in SCCM?

SCCM Logs are your best friend in Troubleshooting issues. SCCM logs are generated on the client and site server-side. The client and server components record process information in individual log files. The more detailed log files also can be produced by enabling debug or verbose mode.

Where are task sequence logs?

log. After Task Sequence has finished running: c:\windows\ccm\logs\smsts. log. After Task Sequence has finished running (x64): c:\windows\sysWOW64\ccm\logs\smsts.

How do I find the task sequence log?

Using F8

  1. Press F8 once in WinPE to open the command prompt.
  2. View the SMSTS. log file on the current system, or move it to another location for review. To view the log, type notepad x:\windows\temp\smstslog\smsts.
  3. VERY IMPORTANT – You must close the command prompt for the task sequence to reboot your system.

When do I need to change the smsts.log file?

When deploying a Task Sequence, there may be times that the options of the SMSTS.log file need to be changed, such as increasing the size of the log or the amount of historical logs (rolled over logs) that are created.

Where is the smsts.log file located in WinPE?

During an OSD Task Sequence, when the PC boots into WinPE from the Boot Image, the SMSTS.log settings are not controlled via the same registry keys as in the full Windows OS. Instead the SMSTS.log settings are controlled via entries in a file called SMSTS.ini file which resides in the Windows directory of WinPE.

Is it better to copy parent folder or smsts.log file?

It is better to copy the parent folder instead of copying only SMSTS.log file as you might find other useful logs inside.

How to copy smsts.log in Windows EMP?

To copy all the folder content, you need to specify the location using this format Folder_Path\\*.* (Example: x:\\windows emp\\SMSTSLog\\*.*)) and [Destination_Folder] is the destination folder you would like to use to copy the logs (Simply use the mapped drive of your USB drive or the network share as destination).