How do I identify a Ford 9 inch differential?

How do I identify a Ford 9 inch differential?

Many enthusiasts will tell you to look for the two dimples in the rear cover to determine if the unit is a 9-inch, but this is not always true. Ford also had an 8-inch third-member rear end that had a dimpled cover. The best test of a 9-inch carrier is to try removing the two lower carrier case bolts.

How many Ford 9 inch rear ends are there?

The 9” rear axle was manufactured in seven different housing widths, from 57-1/4” to 69-1/4” wide, any of which may be ideal for a particular chassis. Determine housing width by measuring the distance between the axle flanges located on the outward end of each axle tube. Some axles are more desirable than others.

How strong is a Ford 9 inch rear end?

They’re good to 800 hp, if built properly. The next step beyond that would be the high end, completely redesigned, Mark Williams billet-aluminum housing. “It’s the same deal with common production 28-spline axles.

What is a Ford 9-inch diff?

The Ford 9-inch is an automobile axle manufactured by Ford Motor Company. It is known as one of the most popular axles in automotive history. It was introduced in 1957 model year cars and ended production in 1986, having been phased out in favor of the Ford 8.8 inch axle.

What makes the Ford 9 inch differential so popular?

“STRONG AND VERSATILE” – That’s what makes the 9 inch Ford diff so popular Most people running performance street vehicles have had the misfortune to break either axles or a centre and once you start combining high horse power with big tyres, the inevitable occurs. The added stress is usually too much for the stock rear axle assembly.

What does a 9 inch gear ratio mean?

If you have ford car, Ford 9 inch gear ratios chart is useful to inspect what gear your car uses. The chart consists of several columns that represents ratio, ring teeth, common factor, and pinion teeth. The next section will explore several aspects related to this topic. As you know, this ratio is useful to accommodate repairing and maintenance.

How big is the pinion on a 9 inch differential?

The 9-inch’s very large pinion offset of 2.25 inches requires the pinion to be straddle mounted, which refers to the fact the pinion head has bearings that straddle it on either side. There is a machined roller bearing race on the pinion head portion that points at the differential opposite the tapered bearing races.

Is the 9 inch differential necessary for street use?

Although not necessary for street use, the 9 inch can be offered with even beefier parts, like 31 spline axles, double rib carriers, thick pinion supports, Detroit locker hemispheres, or even the ‘N’ carrier, a high strength item made from nodular iron that was original equipment fitted to the XY GTHO Falcons.