How do I log into Mindvalley?

How do I log into Mindvalley?

How to Log In To Your Account

  1. Go to Mindvalley Dashboard .
  2. Log in with the email address that you used to sign up for a masterclass or to purchase a program with. Your temporary password is sent to you via an email titled “Your Mindvalley Login Details”.

Why is Mindvalley so expensive?

They do not offer the sheer amount of courses that some other online learning platforms. But, they make up for it with quality. All Mindvalley courses come with high production value and are led by industry-leading experts in their fields.

Can I get Mindvalley courses for free?

On-Going Free Masterclasses Join our latest Masterclass and go deep into a powerful transformational idea with one of our Mindvalley teachers. Classes are free to attend and air for a limited time.

Is Mindvalley All Access worthwhile?

Mindvalley is the best educational platform focused on self-development. The quality of courses is superb as all of them are taught by experts. The price for the All Access Pass is $499. Mindvalley is worth it because the skills you learn there help improve all areas of your life.

How do I access courses on Mindvalley?

In order to start your Quest, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Go to My Programs.
  2. Scroll down to My Programs section.
  3. Click on All My Programs filter and select Programs I Can Start.
  4. Find your programs and click on it.
  5. Click on Select Start Dates.
  6. Choose your starting date and begin.

Where are my courses on Mindvalley?

At the bottom of the page, you will find your Mindvalley classic courses and any old course that you have previously purchased. If you are looking for your course or a new one on the App, you will find them under these categories: Continue has all the Quests that you are currently taking or have completed.

Is 10x from Mindvalley legit?

This program brings together science-based fitness theory and practice in a holistic, comprehensive and digestible program. If you’re keen to improve your fitness and are willing to stick to the program, I’d say that 10x Fitness is worth it.

How much is Mindvalley worth?

Vishen started Mindvalley with $700 and a beat up Toshiba laptop in a Starbucks. In 10 years, with zero VC money, loans or government grants, he’s built a company worth over $100M USD that employes 200 people in 4 countries.

How much does it cost to join Mindvalley?

The Mindvalley Membership is a yearly subscription to Mindvalley that gives you access to all of their classes for $499. This is down from $599 last year. And it is yearly. There is no monthly billing option.

How can I get a free MasterClass course?

You can get a seven-day MasterClass free trial by creating an account on MasterClass.

  1. Go to the MasterClass Home page.
  2. Under the Today’s the Day headline, click on the red Get Started button.
  3. Input your credit card information.
  4. Click on the red Start Free Trial button.

Whats included in Mindvalley all access?

With Mindvalley Membership you get unlimited access to all quests, meditations, live workshops, trainings, private social network, and a lot more – for only $0/day.

What’s included in Mindvalley all access?

Welcome To Mindvalley Membership

  • Mindvalley’s entire vault of Quests (this excludes partner programs; Lifebook, Wildfit, Unlimited Abundance & Little Humans)
  • 100+ hours of curated online Mindvalley Mentoring sessions.
  • Mindvalley’s new Connections App.
  • Invitation to live event exclusive to the member’s community.

Where do I Find my Password for my Mindvalley account?

Your account is automatically created once you sign up for a Masterclass or purchase a program with Mindvalley. Your username: The email address that you used to sign up for a Masterclass or to purchase a program. Your password: Please find the email ” Your Mindvalley Login Details ” in your inbox.

How to contact the customer support team for Mindvalley?

To contact Mindvalley’s Customer Support team directly, please visit this page: HERE and click on any of the Contact Us links. Did this answer your question?

How much does it cost to have a Mindvalley membership?

Browse individual programs in our store or get access to the entire library for $1.36/day with Mindvalley Membership. Global change and new technologies like AI are disrupting work and careers.

What do you learn at Mindvalley mentoring class?

Discover the Consciousness Engineering Framework. At Mindvalley Mentoring, each class is based on the transformational theory of “Consciousness Engineering” where you learn to model some of the world’s top minds. Get exclusive access to 100+ world-class teachers as they upgrade your mind and install life-changing new models of reality in you.