How do I pair my Plantronics Marque 2 m165?

How do I pair my Plantronics Marque 2 m165?

To pair the headset,

  1. Turn on your device’s Bluetooth feature.
  2. Turn the headset on. The light on the headset should start flashing red-white.
  3. On your cell phone, go to the Bluetooth menu and search for (or add) a device. The cell phone should find the headset.
  4. If prompted for a passkey, enter 0000 (four zeros).

Are plantronic headsets good?

Plantronics is one of the top companies when it comes to producing quality wireless headsets that can be used in the office or at your homes. They incorporate state-of-the-art audio and sound technology with sleek design making their headsets a top choice for businesses and private users.

How do I reset my Plantronics m165?

Turn the headset on. Press and hold the call control button for about 5-6 seconds until the light on the headset starts flashing red-white. Release the button and set the headset aside.

How do I get my Plantronics headset to work?

Start with your headset powered on. Press and hold the call control button for 5 or 6 seconds until the light starts flashing red and blue (some models flash red and white). Release the button and set the headset aside. Follow the pairing instructions for your cell phone or other Bluetooth device.

How do you pair Plantronics headset?

To pair your BackBeat FIT to your phone: Activate Bluetooth on your phone and set it to discover new devices. To do so: iPhone users click Settings > Bluetooth > On. Android users click Settings > Wireless & Networks > Bluetooth: On > Scan for devices.

Is Plantronics better than Jabra?

The Plantronics Voyager 5200 Bluetooth Headset is better for phone calls than the Jabra Talk 45 Bluetooth Headset. The Plantronics is more comfortable, better-built, and it has more controls, including a volume control. Its boom microphone performs much better in noisier environments.

Why are Plantronics headsets so expensive?

First and foremost: more expensive Headphones and Headsets can sound a lot better. Your music and voice calls will sound clearer and crisper, with bass that doesn’t sound muddy, highs that aren’t quite so harsh.

Why can’t I hear anything on my Plantronics headset?

Unable to Hear Caller or a Dial Tone The headset battery may need to be charged. The USB Bluetooth adaptor may not be set as the default audio device. Use the audio settings in Windows under Sounds and Audio Devices to select “Plantronics BT Adaptor” as the audio device. The listening volume may be too low.

Why will my Plantronics headset not work?

If you are experiencing issues using your USB headset, try the following: Unplug the headset from the PC’s USB port and reboot the computer. Do not just restart – perform a complete system shutdown and then turn back on, as this will help clear the memory in the USB ports.

How do I pair my Plantronics Bluetooth headset to my phone?

Go to Settings menu on the Android phone. Ensure Bluetooth is enabled, and then tap Bluetooth to access the settings. Tap Search or Scan (depending on the phone) so the phone can locate the headset. Once the phone finds the headset, tap PLT_Legend to complete the pairing process.

Are Jabra and Plantronics the same?

While the Plantronics is a mono Bluetooth headset that’s designed for phone calls, the Jabra are truly wireless headphones that can be used for phone calls as well as listening to music. The Plantronics’ microphone does a much better job at handling noise.

Which is Plantronics Bluetooth headset is the best?

Plantronics Marque 2 M165 Bluetooth headset is the perfect companion for smartphones, with universal-fit conformable gel eartips, a DeepSleep power-saving mode and dual microphones that reduce background and wind noise for crisp, clear call quality.

What are the features of the Plantronics marque 2?

The dual microphones reduce noise and wind for enhanced call clarity ( view larger ). Featuring the latest Bluetooth 3.0 technology, the Marque 2 includes the A2DP Bluetooth profile for audio streaming capabilities, so you can listen to music, podcasts, or GPS directions from your smartphone.

What can you do with a marque 2 Bluetooth headset?

Marque 2 M165 Bluetooth Headset from Plantronics is a suitable companion for smartphones. You can use this headset to listen to music, movies, Internet radio and driving directions. You can enjoy being hands-free with the Marque 2. The headset supports Bluetooth v3.0 and offers up to 7 hours of talk time and up to 11 days of standby time.

Is the M155 headset compatible with my iPhone?

The M155 is easy to pair with your phone and the on/off switch works great. I love the fact that there is a visible battery meter for the headset that shows on my iPhones screen.