How do I reset my Aastra phone?

How do I reset my Aastra phone?

How to Reset to Factory Defaults

  1. Select the Options button.
  2. Scroll to “Admin Menu” and select “Enter.”
  3. Enter the Admin Password, which is 22222 by default.
  4. Scroll to the “Factory Default” option and select “Enter.”
  5. Press # to confirm you want to reset device to defaults.
  6. The phone will now reboot.

How do I reset my Aastra 6731i?

Enter password (typically 123) and press Enter (right arrow button under display). Options list should be displayed. Phone will reset after a few seconds and will reboot with factory default settings.

How can I hard reset my Aastra 6739i?

Press “Admin Menu (5)” (using default pass: 22222) > “Factory Defaults (4)” > “Restore Defaults.”

What happened to Aastra?

In January 2014, Aastra officially merged with Mitel. As part of the merger, some of Aastra’s products were renamed, some were replaced and some were even discontinued.

How do I get my Aastra phone out of recovery mode?

How to Restore Aastra Phone in Web Recovery Mode

  1. Disconnect the Aastra phone from all power sources.
  2. Then Plug the power back in and press and hold the 1 + # keys together until the Aastra phone displays an IP address.

How do I check voicemail on Aastra phone?

To access your voicemail from your own phone, press the Voicemail key (if available) or dial *98 and press the right arrow (►) key….

  1. Dial 6 + your extension number.
  2. Let the call go to your voicemail.
  3. Once you hear your voicemail greeting, press the star (*) key. You will then be prompted to enter your voicemail password.

How do I forward calls on my Aastra phone?

Call Forwarding

  1. Press .
  2. Select Call Forward.
  3. Scroll to the desired mode and select Change.
  4. Change the state to On.
  5. Enter the internal extension or external number to which calls will be forwarded.
  6. If you selected No Answer, enter how many rings to wait before forwarding.
  7. Select Done and then press # to confirm.

How do I reset my Mitel 6930?

How to Factory Reset Mitel Phones

  1. Press the Options key when the phone is idle, press the Select soft key to enter Status.
  2. Log in the phone web interface with your username and password. username: admin. password: 22222.
  3. Go to Reset > Restore To Factory Defaults, click Restore.
  4. Click OK to reset the phone.

How do I set up voicemail on my Aastra phone?

From your phone: Press the Voice Mail button, enter your PIN and follow the prompts. From another phone: Dial your phone number. When your Voice Mail answers, press the * key, enter your PIN and follow the prompts. More information is available in the Voice Mail Reference Guide.

How do I turn off call forwarding on my Aastra phone?


  1. Press the Options button located to the left of your keypad.
  2. Choose 1.
  3. Select your preferred mode then choose the State of the forwarding, either On or Off.
  4. If All or No Answer is selected, you may set the # Of Rings which is how many times the line will ring before the call is forwarded.

How to Hard Reset an Aastra 6757i / 57i?

A call to a very helpful rep at Aastra solved the problem: To hard reset an Aastra 57i or 6757i when you do not have access to the admin password, you’ll have to put the phone into its emergency ‘web recovery’ mode and reload the firmware from a TFTP, FTP or HTTP server.

Is there a way to factory reset an Aastra phone?

Follow the steps below to factory reset your Aastra device in order to bring back the factory default settings. This must be done before provisioning your Aastra phone in case the device has residual settings of a previous configuration. There are 2 ways for doing this depending on whether you know the admin password or not.

What’s the password for my Aastra SIP phone?

The default password for most Aastra’s is 22222 but of course, as these are second hand sets, they had set the password to something else.