How do I set default homepage in ServiceNow?

How do I set default homepage in ServiceNow?

If you want to set it as the default for each service desk agent, you’ll need to create/update the user preference record specific to each user. Navigate to User Administration> User Preferences and you’ll find records there. The name field will simply be “homepage”.

How do I change the default homepage for all users in ServiceNow?

You must click Edit Homepage to make changes to a global homepage that take effect for all users who can access the homepage. If you click View Homepage and make changes, a personal homepage is automatically created for you and those changes take effect only on that personal homepage.

How do I make dashboards the default landing page for all users in ServiceNow?

Set dashboards as home for all users

  1. Navigate to Administration > User Preferences.
  2. Create a new user preference with the name my_home_navigation_page .
  3. Give the preference the description Set all homepages to dashboards .
  4. (Required) Leave the User field blank.
  5. Set the Type to string .

What are the main components of the ServiceNow homepage and landing page?

A homepage is a ServiceNow interface that consists of navigational elements, functional controls, and system information. Responsive and non-responsive dashboards provide a similar interface with additional functionality.

How do I change the landing page in Servicenow?

Set the default landing page

  1. Navigate to Workspace Experience > Administration > All Workspaces.
  2. Click Agent Workspace.
  3. In the Landing Pages related list, set the value of the Order field of the landing page that you want to set as the default to minimum.

What is the difference between homepage and dashboard in Servicenow?

As mentioned above, the Homepage may contain a tile that leads to a dashboard containing related analytics. In that scenario, the Dashboard is created to support the role for which the home page was designed, and it serves to assist users with decisions while performing the activities performed on the Homepage.

What are the UI components of a homepage in ServiceNow?

Common UI elements

  • Log in to an instance. Each ServiceNow instance has a unique, secure web address.
  • Application navigator.
  • The Edge.
  • Forms.
  • Lists.
  • Tree picker.
  • Dot-walking to data in related tables.
  • Configure items on forms or in lists using a list collector.

How do you make a homepage on ServiceNow?

Create a global homepage or a homepage for specific users

  1. Navigate to the Homepage Admin > Pages.
  2. Click New.
  3. Complete the form. Table 1.
  4. Right-click the header and select Save.
  5. Click the Edit Homepage related link to see the homepage.
  6. Add content as needed.

How do I customize my login page in ServiceNow?

Under the System UI module go to “Welcome Page Content”. You can make required changes to modify the content of welcome page. If you want to change the texts of the existing messages in the login screen, you can go to “Messages” under the System UI module. For more references, you can go to this link.

How do I create a landing page in ServiceNow?

  1. Generate user name and password in your ServiceNow instance for Offboarding webhook.
  2. Retrieve the resource path from your ServiceNow instance for Offboarding webhook.
  3. Import CLAR file to your Workday instance for Offboarding webhook.

How do I add a dashboard to my homepage in ServiceNow?

Navigate to Self-Service > Homepage. From the list, select the homepage you want to copy. and choose Create Dashboard Version. Select Create new dashboard or Add to existing dashboard and click Create.

What is called home page?

A home page (or homepage) is the main web page of a website. The term also refers to one or more pages always shown in a web browser when the application starts up. In this case, it is also known as the start page. Many browsers also provide a button in the shape of a house for this.

What kind of job can you get with ServiceNow?

The Subject Matter Expert (SME) is a key member of the ServiceNow implementation project team and is responsible for implementing the application modules with a… More… Development experience with Service Now Platform and Service portal.

How to add a widget to a ServiceNow homepage?

The widget record is what will allow you to add the widget to a ServiceNow homepage. The following example could be used in your system. You can add multiple widgets to the script of any widget record. The key is to include your widget UI page by referencing it in the widget ‘Script’ field.

Is the company ServiceNow an equal opportunity employer?

ServiceNow is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.