How do I unlock my arc mini?

How do I unlock my arc mini?

To enable key lock mode, ensure the arc 5 is switched on, then press and hold down both adjustment buttons at the same time, then screen will display “Lock” when enabled. Repeat the process to disable key lock mode, the screen will display “Unlock” when disabled.

How do I change settings on ARC slim?

The arc Slim features 3 user friendly power settings, L (Low), M (Medium) and H (High). To change the current power setting, simply click the power button 3 times in rapid succession with the arc Slim turned on. You will then see the LED light illuminate above the next power setting.

How do I refill my arc slim vape?

Turn the tank upside down, then remove the atomizer base from the glass section of the tank by unscrewing it. Prime the fitted atomizer head by dripping a few drops of E-liquid into its central hole. After priming, fill the tank through one of the apertures either side of the central air hole.

How do you unlock Tecc arc 5?

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At the core of the e-cig is the rechargeable battery. This lithium-based vape battery is what powers the e-cig to vaporize the e-liquid contained therein. The battery can be charged by a USB to always keep you equipped while on the move. Next, the microprocessor contains the atomizer and LED light.

Are there any different types of e cigs?

Whether you’re a newbie to vaping or a seasoned professional, there is an e-cigarette that will suit your specific needs. Indeed, e-cigs are highly customizable, coming in many different styles, flavors, and designs.

Why are e cigs better than regular cigarettes?

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