How do you beat level 5 1 on plants vs zombies?

How do you beat level 5 1 on plants vs zombies?

Strategy 1

  1. Required plants: Sunflower.
  2. Plant two columns of Sunflowers while planting Potato Mines to kill the first few zombies.
  3. Plant Squashes and Cherry Bombs when zombies get too close to your house.
  4. Replace plants that Bungee Zombies takes, or use instant-kills to kill any Bungee Zombies that drop down.

How do you beat level 5 4 on plants vs zombies?

Plant two columns of Sunflowers while planting Potato Mines to kill the zombies at the start of the level. If the Potato Mines are still recharging, use a Squash to deal with next zombie….Strategy 1

  1. Sunflower.
  2. Flower Pot.
  3. Potato Mine.
  4. Cabbage-pult.
  5. Squash.
  6. Cherry Bomb or Jalapeno.
  7. Kernel-pult.
  8. Wall-nut.

How do you beat level 5 8 on plants vs zombies?

A good strategy is to Pumpkin important plants that could be eaten by Imps, such as Melon-pults and Winter Melons. Another way to kill the Gargantuar is to use a Squash, Cherry Bomb, or any instant-kills on the Gargantuar.

How do you beat the roof in Plants vs zombies?

All plants in the fifth row should have pumpkins on them. When the wave comes, wait until all of the zombies step onto the roof, and use two Cobs to kill them all. You may have Pumpkins around some Winter Melons and more Cob Cannon, but this is what it should at least be.

How do you beat Gargantuar on the roof?

Hitting a Gargantuar with a Squash, followed by a Jalapeno kills him fast, and prevents the Imp from doing serious damage. A charged Potato Mine will deal damage to the Gargantuar when he crushes it.

How do you beat survival roof hard?


  1. It is nearly necessary to use the Sunflower and Flower Pot, and as the game progresses further, try to get Twin Sunflowers.
  2. Use Kernel-pults, instead of Cabbage-pult to start, so you can upgrade some of them to Cob Cannons.

How do you beat level 10 on Pvz roof?


  1. Try to have at least 4 columns of attacking plants throughout the battle.
  2. Do not plant Melon-pults on the first column, and instead plant Cabbage-pults there.
  3. Try not to keep all your Melon-pults next to each other or in a square position.
  4. When Dr.

How do you beat level 9 on Pvz roof?

Start out by placing two columns of Sunflowers in the back, but do not plant Sunflowers on the second row in the second and fourth columns. Plant Umbrella Leaves there instead. Then, plant Melon-pults in the third columns before the first wave comes. Use Squashes and Potato Mines for rows without Melon-pults.

How do you beat the roof in Plants vs Zombies?

How do you beat level 10 on plants vs zombies?

What games are similar to Plants vs Zombies?

Another Garden Orientated Game Like Plants vs Zombies. Garden Rescue is a Big Fish Game like Plants vs Zombies. The game has you protect your peaceful garden form a number of insects that would love nothing more than to destroy your garden.

How do you download game Plants vs Zombies?

To download Plants vs Zombies you have to follow some steps. Go to the Google Play Store or to the App Store, look for the game, tap on the download button and wait a few minutes. If you want a shortcut, you can use the links we will leave you at the top of this page. This way, you will have the game in just a few minutes.

Can You Play Plants vs Zombis online?

Plants vs Zombies. Plants vs Zombies is a real-time strategy / tower defense game, developed by Popcap, in which you will have to protect your garden against invading undead. Several modes of play are available, primarily an adventure mode that will take you by the hand with its built-in tutorial and progressive difficulty. Plants vs zombies is thus a free online game, with a devilishly effective and particularly addictive action, which is also available in full version to download.

How do you play Plants vs Zombies on PC?

How to Play Plants vs Zombies on PC 1 Install BlueStacks and run the installer 2 Complete one-time setup 3 Plants vs Zombies Go to the search bar at the top-right corner and search for Plants vs Zombies 4 Click the icon then click install on the Google Play screen. 5 Once installation completes, click the Plants vs Zombies icon in the My Apps tab