How do you cite a precious movie in APA?

How do you cite a precious movie in APA?

How to cite “Precious” (movie)APA. Daniels, L. (2009). Precious. Lionsgate. Copy.Chicago. Daniels, Lee. 2009. Precious. United States: Lionsgate. Copy.MLA. Daniels, Lee. Precious. Lionsgate, 2009. Copy.

How do you reference a TV show in APA?

Television – APA Reference ListDirector, D. D. (Director). (Year produced). Television program [Television series]. City, State: Network.Writer, W. W. (Writer), & Director, B. B. (Director). (Date broadcast). Episode title. Producer, P. P. (Producer), & Director, D. D. (Director). (Date broadcast).

How do you cite a program code in APA?

To cite either a computer program or piece of source code you will need the following information:Author(s) name (Individual or corporation)Date.Title of program/source code.Code version.Type (e.g. computer program, source code)Web address or publisher (e.g. program publisher, URL)

Is there an app for APA Format?

Easy AP Referencing (Apple) Designed as an app for Macbooks or iMacs, this app allows you to use your computer camera to scan the barcode of a book. The app then generates an APA citation. The app will also save your citations as a bibliography in alphabetical order with all correct italicization in place.

What is the best APA citation generator?

The Best Free Online Bibliography And Citation ToolsBibMe. One of the most functional free online bibliography and citation tools on the Internet. Citation Machine. This is definitely one of the most easy to use free online bibliography and citation tools. Citavi. Citefast. Citelighter. Docear. Recipes4Success. OttoBib.

How do I cite a PDF file in APA format?

In an APA citation, cite a PDF the same way you would cite a webpage, and include the PDF link as the URL. In Chicago style, after the title, you can add the same description without brackets (separated by a period).