How do you date a Hummel?

How do you date a Hummel?

A Hummel figurine can be dated by the marking or trademark on the underside of its base. This mark is also referred to as the backstamp, stamp, or figure. This is very important as Hummel values are determined by age as well as scarcity.

How do I identify my Hummel?

The first thing you need to do is look for the Goebel trademark, also known as a TMK, at the bottom of your Hummel figurine. Each Goebel-produced figurine is stamped with the company logo. Different logos were used in different periods, which makes it easy to identify how old your Hummel is.

Are old Hummels worth anything?

While modestly priced Hummels dominate the market, exceptional examples of these rosy-cheeked children can sell between several hundred to several thousand dollars. Some, such as the “Adventure Bound” figure group, have reached prices over $4,000.

What does the R on a Hummel mean?

The (R) is for registered only and has no other significance or added value. This bee can be dated from 1950 to 1959 with some variations in the mix. The Baby bees also came into play after 1955, and the stamped stylized bee also came in in 1957 and continued thru 1959.

Why are Hummels worthless?

Hummels were sold as an investment, while the very act of selling them in bulk undermined the scarcity that made them valuable in the first place. Like with Thomas Kinkade’s work, eventually buyers could readily find excess product, either from the manufacturer or a flooded secondary market.

Are Hummel and Goebel the same?

Goebel Collectors Club The name and scope of the club were changed in 1989 to the M.I. Hummel Club and would focus on Sister Hummel’s artwork. The club is now international and today has more than 100,000 members.

What are the numbers on a Hummel figurine?

When they were first created the figurine series designation or mold numbers had not yet been set up. When Goebel reached a licensing agreement with Sister Maria and the Convent in 1935, the early figurines were then marked HUM1, HUM2, and HUM3. The signature of Sister M.I.Hummel is incised on the base of almost every Hummel figurine.

What are the different types of Hummel marks?

Hummel Marks from TMK-1 to TMK-8. 1 TMK-1 The Full Crown (1934-1950) In 1935, the “Wide Crown – WG” trademark was added. On the earliest figurines, it was incised on the bottom of the 2 TMK-2 The Full Bee (1940-1959) 3 TMK-3 The Stylized Bee (1960-1972) 4 TMK-4 The Three Line Mark. 5 TMK-5 The Last Bee (1972-1979)

When did the Goebel bee come out for Hummel?

**Other Goebel products will bear a different mark than that used on Hummel pieces. In 1999 collector feedback prompted Goebel to bring back the Bee. The new “Bee” mark, combined the iconic Hummel Bee and Goebel’s own mark. It debuted in 2000.

When did mi Hummel stop using the Mark?

The mark was used until about mid-1979, when they began to phase it out, completing the transition to the new trademark in 1980. Generally the mark was placed under the glaze from 1972–1976 and over the glaze 1976–1979. Use of this trademark began in 1979.