How do you facilitate a book club discussion?

How do you facilitate a book club discussion?

7 Tips for Leading a Lively Book Discussion Group

  1. Find thought-provoking and engrossing books to discuss.
  2. Let your group members have a say in what they read.
  3. Be prepared.
  4. Be comfortable leading and listening.
  5. Be grateful for your group members.
  6. Be understanding and practical.
  7. Reward yourself for a job well done.

Where can I find book club discussion questions?

General Book Club Discussion Questions

  • What did you like best about this book?
  • What did you like least about this book?
  • What other books did this remind you of?
  • Which characters in the book did you like best?
  • Which characters did you like least?
  • If you were making a movie of this book, who would you cast?

How do you start a book club discussion at work?

Select a regular meeting time. Read, meet, discuss. A suggested way to lead the discussion is to ask one employee a week to lead a discussion about the portion of the book that participants read. A second employee then leads the discussion about how the reading applies to your organization.

How do you structure a book club meeting?

With this in mind, here’s some tips and tricks for forming your own literary circle.

  1. Find a Theme: Define the subject matter and authors you choose.
  2. Size: Cap the group participants to a number you can reasonably host.
  3. Spread the responsibility.
  4. Break outside your circle.
  5. First rule of book club?
  6. Avoid over meeting.

What does a book club facilitator do?

As the facilitator, you can ask for others to speak up and create the space needed for quieter members to jump in. You also carry the authority to gently mediate any conflict that might arise. For more on this topic, see the article, What to Do When a Book Club Member Talks Too Much.

How do you analyze a book for a book club?

Reading critically

  1. Make notes and mark pages as you go.
  2. Ask tough questions of yourself and the book.
  3. Pay attention to the author’s message.
  4. Analyze themes.
  5. Get to know the characters.
  6. Notice the structure of the book.
  7. Make comparisons to other books and authors.

How do you come up with a book question?

Topic Ideas

  1. Who are the key characters? Do one or more of the characters tell the story?
  2. What style is it written in?
  3. What do the characters do?
  4. What is the book about?
  5. What time period is it set in?
  6. When was the book written?
  7. Where does it take place?
  8. What do you know about the author?

How do you lead a book study at work?

How to Plan an AWESOME Book Study!

  1. STEP 1: Define Your Audience.
  2. STEP 2: Select Book Study Leaders.
  3. STEP 3: Define Your Goals.
  4. STEP 4: Choosing a Book for Your Book Study.
  5. STEP 5: Leaders Read the Book and Plan the Study.
  6. STEP 6: Decide How You Will Facilitate the Book Study.
  7. STEP 7: Facilitate with Finesse!

What should I discuss at my first book club meeting?

Specific Things to Discuss

  • When will you meet and for how long?
  • Who do you want in the group?
  • How many people?
  • How important is book discussion to your group?
  • What to Read and How to Choose the Books?
  • Do you want someone to lead the discussion?
  • How many books do you want to read and how often do you want to meet?

What are good book club questions?

General Book Club Questions

  • What was your favorite part of the book?
  • What was your least favorite?
  • Did you race to the end, or was it more of a slow burn?
  • Which scene has stuck with you the most?
  • What did you think of the writing?
  • Did you reread any passages?
  • Would you want to read another book by this author?

Are there Book Club questions at the end of the book?

In one of my past book clubs, we literally ONLY read books that included discussion questions at the end of the book because we wanted to be certain we’d have a meaningful discussion. My current book club group is much more casual, but perhaps too much so.

Where can I find book club Reading guides?

Many books have reading guides at the end of the book that are perfect to use for your book club. If not, you can visit the publisher or author’s website and find online reading guides.

Where to find conversation starters for book clubs?

If you want to go beyond the standard reading guide, a great place to find conversation starters is by searching for interviews with the book’s author. For example, when my book club read Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline I found this interview with the author, and it sparked some great conversation (there are spoilers in there!)

What makes a good book for a book club?

Some of the best book club reads are nonfiction titles. Hearing other’s perspectives on facts and how data is presented can help us absorb material in a much deeper way. Here are some questions to guide your group through a discussion about a nonfiction book.