How do you find the conclusion of an argument?

How do you find the conclusion of an argument?

In this lesson you will need to be able to distinguish premises and conclusions: The foolproof way to do this is to ask yourself what the author of the argument is trying to get you to believe. The answer to this question is the conclusion. There must also be at least one reason and possibly many.

How do you identify a critical reasoning conclusion?

Conclusion is often preceded by words showing opinion, judgment ,prediction or conclusion like conclude that, contend that, believe that, hypothesize that, clearly. Such wording allows you to identify the conclusion in no time. At times, the conclusion is the recommendation given by the author.

How do you identify an intermediate conclusion?

Intermediate conclusions are statements supported by evidence and used to support the main conclusion….Here’s an argument that uses an intermediate conclusion:The house is 100 degrees (int. conclusion)Because it’s in the sun (premise)Therefore the house is uncomfortably warm (main conclusion)