How do you get a Masterball in Pokemon Pearl?

How do you get a Masterball in Pokemon Pearl?

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Master Ball #2 – Lottery Head to Jubilife City and then go into the TV Station. Here, you’ll find the Lottery Corner where you can win a Master Ball.

Can you duplicate master balls?

There is only one catch: Only one Master Ball is available in the game through normal means. However, there is a method to duplicate your Master Ball using your Pokemon and the PC available at any Pokemon Center, letting you get as many as you may need. Save your game before attempting the duplication glitch.

How do I unlock master ball?

Getting more Master Balls through Loto ID As you can see, the top tier of Loto ID prize, earned for matching 5 digits, is a Master Ball. Match 5 digits, and get a Master Ball! You can participate in Loto ID once a day from the PC inside any Pokemon Center – so that’s 365 chances a year!

Can you get more master balls in diamond?

1 Answer. You get one from Cyrus, after beating him. Then… If you still have your Masterball from beating Cyrus the first time then you can try to clone it using the GTS cloning glitch which also works for any Pokemon and item.

Where is the Jubilife lottery?

A Pokétch campaign Clown blocks the main doors until the player defeats the Galactic Grunts at the north end of the city; this event happens upon returning from Oreburgh City with the Coal Badge. Inside the building, the Jubilife TV station is home to the Pokémon Lottery Corner.

How do you get Cresselia in Pokemon Diamond?

How to catch Cresselia in Pokemon Diamond & Pearl

  1. Fly to Canalave City and talk to the sick boy/mother in the house opposite the boat.
  2. Talk to the boat’s captain and head over to Fullmoon Island.
  3. Follow the island’s path and enter the forest.
  4. Interact with Cresselia.
  5. Pick up the Lunar Wing.

Where can I get a master ball?

In Sword & Shield, you can find the Master Ball after completing the main story. After entering the game again, you’ll find yourself back at your house. You can obtain your Master Ball from Professor Magnolia here and are encouraged to seek out the Legendary Pokémon Zamazenta and Zacian.

How do you win the lottery in Jubilife City?

Jubilife City – TV Station Lottery To increase your odds at winning big in the lottery, it’s essential to have Pokemon from as many different trainers as possible. Ideally, you could have a full PC with every Pokemon from a different trainer to maximize your chances.