How do you get the Hells Redeemer in bo2?

How do you get the Hells Redeemer in bo2?

Steps to obtain the Hell’s Redeemer Spend at least a round on round 10 or higher using only the Hell’s Retriever on the Golden Gate Bridge, killing at least 30 zombies with it within that round. Once done, the player should hear the Afterlife sound when the round is finished.

Where is the Hells retriever?

The Hell’s Retriever spawns floating in the air, in the middle of the fast travel system. Head to the Showers or the Warden’s Office and use the fast travel system (the grates). As you are flying along the fiery tunnels, the Hell’s Retriever will be floating in the air, so grab it as you fly past.

Can two players get the Blundergat?

Only one player can receive the Blundergat from the box. However, two players can have a Blundergat if a player already has one before this task is completed. This is the honest way to get more than one Blundergat in a game.

How do you get the Blundergat in bo2?

In addition to Mystery Box, the Blundergat can be obtained after collecting five hidden blue skulls around the map by throwing the Hell’s Retriever at them. These skulls can only be seen in Afterlife, although their locations always stay the same each game.

Where are the 3 dogs in blood of the dead?

To build the Hell’s Retriever, you’ll need to feed the three bodiless dogs spread throughout Blood of the Dead. The dogs are located in New Industries, Cell Block Second Floor, and Eagle Plaza. In order to feed these dogs, you have to kill zombies in front of them.

Where are the wolf heads on blood of the dead?

Location #1 – In New Industries, Blood Of The Dead This Dog head is present at the beginning of this map close to the Spawn Room. you will need to leave the Richtofen’s Lab and then go upstairs. if you followed the steps correctly you will arrive at the New Industries room.

How do you get the free Blundergat?

To get a free Blundergat, use the Spectral Shield’s Afterlife Vision Mode to find hidden spectral skulls in the environment. Once you find a skull, throw your Hell’s Retriever Tomahawk to collect it. Find all five skulls, and the Blundergat will spawn on the desk in the Warden’s Office.

Where do you get the Hell’s Retriever in Call of Duty?

The Hell’s Retriever is a wonder weapon and a tactical item featured in the Zombies map, Mob of the Dead in Call of Duty: Black Ops II, as well as Blood of the Dead in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. The Hell’s Retriever can be obtained by feeding six zombies to each of the three Cerberus ‘ heads.

How do you get a hell hound in Black Ops 2?

Simply kill a zombie near a red dog emblem, and a Hell Hound will pop out of the wall. Kill a zombie to feed the hound, wait until it’s done eating, then kill another. When it’s done, the Hell Hound will disappear.

How do you get Hell’s Retriever in mob of the dead?

Simply hold the use button whilst hovering past the weapon and it will be acquired. The Hell’s Retriever operates similarly to as it does in Mob of the Dead. Powerups are picked up differently in Blood of the Dead.

Where do you get the Hell’s Redeemer in Black Ops 2?

If you’ve made your way too far into the prison, go back a bit and flip the switch on the control panel, which will put you in this purgatory-style state. Go and pick up the Hell’s Redeemer and you’re finished!