How do you replace values in Excel based on conditions?

How do you replace values in Excel based on conditions?

How to use Replace in Excel

  1. Select the range of cells where you want to replace text or numbers.
  2. Press the Ctrl + H shortcut to open the Replace tab of the Excel Find and Replace dialog.
  3. In the Find what box type the value to search for, and in the Replace with box type the value to replace with.

How do I replace if in Excel?

To replace text or numbers, press Ctrl+H, or go to Home > Find & Select > Replace. In the Find what box, type the text or numbers you want to find. In the Replace with box, enter the text or numbers you want to use to replace the search text. Click Replace or Replace All.

Can I use conditional formatting to change cell value?

You can apply conditional formatting that checks the value in one cell, and applies formatting to other cells, based on that value. For example, if the values in column B are over a set value, make the row blue.

How do you replace text with conditional formatting?

Apply conditional formatting based on text in a cell

  1. Select the cells you want to apply conditional formatting to. Click the first cell in the range, and then drag to the last cell.
  2. Click HOME > Conditional Formatting > Highlight Cells Rules > Text that Contains.
  3. Select the color format for the text, and click OK.

How do you use Replace formula?

The Excel REPLACE function replaces characters specified by location in a given text string with another text string. For example =REPLACE(“XYZ123″,4,3,”456”) returns “XYZ456”. The altered text. old_text – The text to replace.

What can you do instead of multiple if statements?


  3. REPT.
  7. SUMIF.
  8. IFS.

What can I use instead of multiple if statements?

4 Alternatives to Nested IF Formulas

  • The IFS Function (Excel 2016 + only) Lets start with a function that is new from Excel 2016 called the IFS function.
  • Using VLOOKUP for an Exact Match.
  • Using VLOOKUP for a Range Lookup.
  • The Fantastic CHOOSE Function.

How do you replace value in Excel?

If you click Home→Find & Select→Replace or press Ctrl+H or Alt+HFDR, Excel opens the Find and Replace dialog box with the Replace tab (rather than the Find tab) selected. On the Replace tab, enter the text or value you want to replace in the Find What text box, and then enter the replacement text or value in the Replace With text box.

How to do multiple IF statements in Excel?

How to Use Multiple IF Statements in Microsoft Excel Understanding the Excel IF Statement. Nesting Multiple IF Statements. An Example Nested IF Function. Error Codes for IF Statements. Common Issues With Nested IF Statements. Maximum Number of Nested IFs. The IFS Function in Excel. The VLOOKUP Function.

What if Excel formula example?

Here’s is an example of the IF OR formula in the simplest form: =IF(OR(B2=”delivered”, B2=”paid”), “Closed”, “Open”) What the formula says is this: If cell B2 contains “delivered” or “cancelled”, mark the order as “Closed”, otherwise “Open”.

How do you replace one character in Excel?

1. Select the range where you will replace the tilde or wildcard characters, and press Ctrl + H keys to open the Find and Replace dialog box. 2. In the Find and Replace dialog box, under Replace tab, please type ~* in the Find what box, type the specified character you will replace within the Replace with box, and click the Replace All button.