How do you spell best in class?

How do you spell best in class?

Best-in-class is defined as the superior product within a category of hardware or software. It does not necessarily mean best product overall, however. For example, the best-in-class product in a low-priced category may be inferior to the best product on the market, which could sell for much more.

What does it mean to be the best in class?

if something is best in class, it is the best of its kind: Investors look for the company that’s best in class. a best-in-class drug/service/employer.

How can I use best in class in a sentence?

best in class in a sentence

  1. It’s called ” best in class .”
  2. But he had to settle for being best in class.
  3. Benchmarking is the comparison of the service provision usually against best in class.
  4. Both had dual rear sway bars, providing the best in class handling.
  5. Rear legroom is among the best in class.

Do you hyphenate first class?

It is a compound adjective and needs to be hyphenated. I personally would have written it in exactly the same way. Hyphenation helps distinguish between possible variations like ‘first class-passenger’ that would have a completely different meaning (if ‘class-passenger’ could mean anything at all, of course).

Does best in class have hyphen?

When it comes after the noun, there’s no need to hyphenate. Example: “in the statement which is now viral…” Example: “These marketers are widely considered best in class.” Example: “This company is fortunate to employ best-in-class marketers.”

What is another way to say best in class?

What is another word for best in class?

industry leading number one
leading superior
top premier
preeminent select
top drawer topflight

What is another word for best in class?

What it means to be best in class manufacturer?

◦ “The highest current performance level in an industry, used as a standard or benchmark to be equaled or exceeded. Also called best of breed.”

What is another way of saying best in class?

What are best in class companies?

How 7 best-in-class companies win customer loyalty

  • No. 1: Discover Card. Discover Card has been at the top of its class for 23 years because the company focuses on personalized, quick help.
  • No. 2: Avis Car Rental.
  • No. 3: Google.
  • No. 4: Domino’s.
  • No. 5: Dunkin’
  • No. 6: Hyundai.
  • No. 7: JetBlue.

How do you use first class in a sentence?

First-class is also an adverb. She had never flown first class before. First-class is the first-class accommodation on a train, aeroplane, or ship. He paid for and was assigned a cabin in first class.

How do you spell first class mail?

English Language Learners Definition of first-class

  1. : the best of usually three kinds of service you can have when you travel.
  2. : a class of mail in the U.S. that includes letters and postcards.