How do you use exsanguinate in a sentence?

How do you use exsanguinate in a sentence?

If a temporizing partial nail avulsion is planned and gross infection is present, I do not exsanguinate the toe. The test is performed by having the patient clench the fist to exsanguinate the hand while the examiner occludes the radial and ulnar arteries.

What does Sanguinate mean?

1 : bloodred. 2 a : consisting of or relating to blood. b : bloodthirsty, sanguinary. c : ruddy. 3 : having blood as the predominating bodily humor; also : having the bodily conformation and temperament held characteristic of such predominance and marked by sturdiness, ruddy color, and cheerfulness.

What is drain blood?

A surgical drain is a tube used to remove pus, blood or other fluids from a wound. They are commonly placed by surgeons or interventional radiologists.

What is meant by the term asphyxiation?

: deprivation of oxygen that can result in unconsciousness and often death : an act of asphyxiating a person or animal or a state of asphyxia : suffocation The autopsy showed that the cause of death was asphyxiation.

What is the word that means to bleed out?

1 exude, flow, gush, lose blood, ooze, run, seep, shed blood, spurt, trickle, weep. 2 deplete, drain, draw or take blood, exhaust, extort, extract, fleece, leech, milk, phlebotomize (Medical) reduce, sap, squeeze.

What is the meaning of sanguine person?

cheerfully optimistic, hopeful, or confident: a sanguine disposition; sanguine expectations. reddish; ruddy: a sanguine complexion. (in old physiology) having blood as the predominating humor and consequently being ruddy-faced, cheerful, etc.

Is exsanguination a cause of death?

Exsanguination is death caused by loss of blood. Depending upon the health of the individual, people usually die from losing half to two-thirds of their blood; a loss of roughly one-third of the blood volume is considered very serious.

How does exsanguination occur?

Exsanguination or bleeding out occurs most often after a major artery is severed and the bleeding is not stopped. A bleed out may occur due to internal or external trauma. There are many causes of exsanguination that result in personal injury claims including: Severe external injuries sustained from direct trauma.

What is a drain in medical terms?

Listen to pronunciation. (drayn) In medicine, to remove fluid as it collects; or, a tube or wick-like device used to remove fluid from a body cavity, wound, or infected area.

How do you learn to drain blood?

Answer: Blood Drain can be learned by watching Cave Bats or Carrion Chigues perform the spell in Lower La Noscea (27, 16) in FFXIV. After this, you must then defeat the enemy and with a bit of RNG luck, you’ll successfully learn the spell.

What is the meaning of the word exsanguinated?

1. To remove or withdraw the circulating blood; to make bloodless. 2. Synonym (s): exsanguine To drain of blood. To be drained of blood. ex·san′gui·na′tion n.

How is the heart exsanguinate in an animal?

To exsanguinate an animal, the heart was exposed by removing the overlying dorsal carapace and dermis. Hildreth’s test is performed by elevating the patient’s arm to exsanguinate it. However, if collateral flow permits retrograde blood to exsanguinate from the wound, then compression is ineffective.

How is an Esmarch bandage used in exsanguinate?

Esmarch bandage was wrapped tightly around the arm from the most distal part to near the pneumatic tourniquet to further exsanguinate. The proximal cuff was inflated to 100 mmHg higher than the systolic blood pressure of patient.

How long does it take to exsanguinate from a femoral artery?

Hemorrhage control is always the first priority as a person can exsanguinate within 90 seconds to three minutes from a severed femoral artery and vein, whereas a patient can survive several minutes with an obstructed airway. Therefore, when HD lines separate, patients can exsanguinate in a very short period of time.