How do you use Swix F4 Universal glide paste wax?

How do you use Swix F4 Universal glide paste wax?

Swix F4 paste wax is super easy to apply at home or on the hill. Simply spread the paste on the base with the foam applicator tip then polish and brush with the Swix Combi Brush. Works on Alpine skis, Nordic skis and snowboards too!

What is Swix wax?

Swix is one of the most used wax lines in World Cup competition. Swix has completely redesigned their ski wax line. They provide an optimal balance of water repellency, abrasion resistance, base penetration, resistance to dirt, and anti-static properties.

How do you use Swix Glide wax?

The simplest method is to buy some of the Swix Easy Glide liquid wax and use the included applicator to smooth it over the entire length of your ski base, including the waxless pattern. Let the wax set for 15 minutes or so, then hit the trails.

How do you use F4 all temperature Universal glide wax?

The F4 series of universal gliders gives you good glide quick and easy. Handy ergonomic pocket size. Apply, polish and go!…

  1. Press the sponge applicator down onto the base and let the wax liquid flow.
  2. Distribute the wax liquid with the applicator.
  3. Let dry for 5 minutes.
  4. You’re ready for the slopes!

How do you use glide wax?

Glide waxing your classic cross-country skis

  1. Clean the ski base by brushing it.
  2. Apply the wax and iron on the two glide zones.
  3. Let the wax cool down for at least 10 minutes.
  4. Scrape the groove then the ski base to remove any excess wax.
  5. Brush again to get a better finish.

Is fluoro wax bad?

Although effective, fluoros are harmful. These waxes are damaging to the environment where they are produced, dangerous to your own health when applied to skis, and bad for the local ecosystems when skied at your favorite ski center or mountain.

Is fluorocarbon banned?

Today marks the beginning of the Federal government’s phaseout of ozone-destroying fluorocarbon gases in most aerosol products. Starting October 15, 1978, manufacturers of bulk fluorocarbons can no longer make them for use in most aerosol products.

Can you use candle wax on cross-country skis?

no, candle wax wont work. its not the wax that makes skis fast, it the compounds in them like moly, florocarbon, graphite, just to name a few. wax is just a medium of appling it to the ski. wax will help it stay in the base but not make it go faster.