How long do you heat Nair wax?

How long do you heat Nair wax?

Wax Ready-Strips for Legs and Body

100 g tub – full 1 minute 20 seconds 1 minute
100 g tub – half full 1 minute 20 seconds 1 minute

How long do you microwave Nair wax?

STEP 5 STIR THE WAX Mixing these two parts will create the ideal consistency of smooth creamy honey. If the wax is not sufficiently softened, and therefore is difficult to stir or spread in thin layers, put it back into the microwave to heat for 10 seconds at a time (never more) until the ideal consistency is achieved.

How do you heat up Nair wax without a microwave?

Get a large thing of water, fill 2/3 and boil. Hold a smaller container over it, so it is eithr right above the water or just touching. Place wax in that. The heat from the water should heat it, but not burn it.

Can you remelt hair removal wax?

Never. Hard wax is the only kind of wax that salons can re-use. They melt the wax, strain out the hair, let the wax harden again and then melt it for re-use. One indication that a salon may be re-using their wax is the manner in which they dispose of it while you are being waxed.

How do you warm up Nair?

IMPORTANT: Always remove the lid and the protective film before heating the wax. Heat in a microwave or a water bath only.

Can you microwave roll on wax?

Other roll on wax cartridges can go into the microwave or a bowl of hot water to heat up. Remove the wax cartridge from the warming device, hot water or microwave.

How do you heat hard wax without a warmer?

Microwave GiGi wax for 15 to 30 seconds. Remove the wax from the microwave. Open the lid and use a wooden wax stirrer to stir the wax. Place the wax back inside the microwave for another 15 to 30 seconds.

Can you reheat wax in a wax warmer?

Answer: You can keep melted wax beans in wax warmer if you put too much in it. Please keep the hard wax beans clean, and then reheat the hard wax beans in next time.

How many times can I reuse a wax strip?

Don’t throw away the strip after each use. You can use each wax strip up to eight times on a different area. You can go over the same area too…but be careful not to go over it too many times (especially in very delicate areas like the bikini and underarms)!

Can I use Nair wax strips on my pubic area?

The professional-quality wax and included warmer allow you to give yourself a truly spa-level treatment right at home. If you’re looking for something a little more straightforward, try Nair Ready-Strips for Face & Bikini. You don’t even have to warm them—just peel, stick, pull back, and you’re done.

How long do Nair wax strips last at home?

Nair™ Wax Ready-Strips for Face & Bikini help take care of those itty bitty and stubborn hairs to reveal beautiful, smooth skin for up to 8 weeks.* Say goodbye to the salon with at-home waxing made easy. Just peel and place!

How do you remove Nair strip from face?

Hold skin taut with one hand and, with one quick movement, pull the strip off with the other hand. Always pull in the opposite direction of hair growth. The same strip may be used several times until it no longer adheres to the skin. After waxing is complete, use a post wipe to soothe and moisturize skin and to remove any wax residue.

Why is no strip wax so easy to use?

The reason it’s so easy to use—working on hair as short as two millimetres—is because the formula firmly grips at the hairs closest to your skin, ensuring a full removal of the follicles right from the roots. No strips necessary. It also contains a pro-sensitive complex with two percent zinc oxide.

How to apply Nair to your upper lip?

Treat each side of your upper lip separately. Apply in the direction of hair growth. Quickly pull strip off in the opposite direction. Apply in the direction of hair growth. Pull the small strip off in the opposite direction. Apply from cheekbone down. Remove in the opposite direction.