How long does a field grade Article 15 stay on your record?

How long does a field grade Article 15 stay on your record?

A finding of guilty at an Article 15 hearing will be filed in your military records; however, the Article 15 will be removed from your record after two years.

Can a field grade Article 15 be suspended?

Company grade and field grade Article 15s can be suspended for up to six months. A suspended punishment is a punishment that is not acted upon during the suspended time unless the Soldier commits another violation of the UCMJ. A commander is the only person who may impose nonjudicial punishment.

How do I get rid of Article 15?

Removal of Court-martial or Article 15 can only be considered by the Army Board for Correction of Military Records (ABCMR) Request for reconsideration does NOT provide substantial additional new evidence. The document in question is not found in the OMPF/IPERMS.

Can you reenlist with an Article 15?

If your Command does not discharge you, an Article 15 will likely prevent you from re-enlistment or making your next rank. Although accepting an Article 15 may ultimately be the best choice for you, you should understand the effects that an Article 15 will have on your career.

What is the difference between field grade and Company grade Article 15?

A Company-Grade Article 15 is given by a Captain (O-3) commander. A Field-Grade Article 15 is given by a Major (O-4) or above. The important thing to note is that both types of Article 15s are extremely damaging to your career and are likely career-ending.

What are the punishments for Company grade Article 15?

The maximum punishment authorized at a company grade Article 15 is any combination of:

  • extra duty for 14 days.
  • restriction for 14 days.
  • oral reprimand or admonition.
  • forfeiture of seven days base pay.
  • reduction in rank of one grade (E-4 & below only)

How can an Article 15 affect you?

Article 15 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice allows for a commanding officer to decide the innocence or guilt and administer the punishment to an offender if necessary when a military member gets into trouble for a minor offense that does not require a judicial hearing.

Can I reenlist with an Article 15?

Does Article 15 affect security clearance?

An Article 15 in your military record can impact your ability to obtain special assignments, promotions, or security clearances. If some time has passed without any further disciplinary issues, sometimes you can get your Article 15 removed from your file.

Is an Article 15 a conviction?

Article 15, UCMJ, allows a commander to impose punishment without the necessity of a trial. This is called nonjudicial punishment. An Article 15 hearing is not a conviction—it is an administrative punishment.

Where to file Article 15 in the Army?

Company and Field Grade Article 15s can be filed in the soldier’s official military personnel file (OMPF). The commander in each case decides where to file the Article 15.

What are the rules for company grade Article 15?

Company Grade Article 15 (Given by Captain (O-3) or Lieutenant) Restriction: 14 days Extra duty:14 days Forfeiture of pay: 7 days basic pay Reduction in Grade: E-4 or below may be reduced one grade. No reduction for E-5 or above.

What is the maximum punishment for Article 15?

Field Grade: Maximum punishment at a field grade Article 15 can include extra duty for 45 days, restriction for 60 days, oral reprimand, forfeiture of one-half base pay per month for two months, and/or reduction in rank to E-1 or reduction in rank of one grade. If you are found guilty at the Article 15, your punishment typically begins right away.

What are the different levels of Article 15?

Article 15s come in different levels: Summarized, Company Grade and Field Grade. They differ in two main respects: the severity of the punishment and in how the record of it can affect a soldier’s future in the Army. Article 15s can affect a soldier’s future.