How Long Does It Take for Auto Flowering Marijuana Seeds to Grow?

There are several essential questions that growers need to answer before choosing a marijuana strain to plant:

  • What effect do they want from weed?
  • What harvest do they expect?
  • How much time are they willing to devote to plant care?
  • Under what conditions will they cultivate marijuana bushes?
  • How important is it for them that their cannabis plantation remains invisible to others?

If, after answering this short questionnaire, you came to the conclusion that you need an unpretentious plant that does not require serious care, remains invisible to others, and allows you to harvest several crops a year, you need to choose auto flowering marijuana seeds.

Why Autoflowering Marijuana Is Unique

Breeders are actively working to improve the most valuable varieties of cannabis. They are constantly experimenting with strains to improve yields, strengthen pest resistance, and help herbs to endure adverse weather conditions when growing plants in the ground.

One of the problems that they solved several decades ago was how to make it possible to grow cannabis regardless of the changing seasons of the year. The ordinary wild marijuana growing in nature brings the harvest, like most other plants, only once a year. The solution was to develop auto-flowering marijuana, which does not depend on solar cycles but bears buds with a certain rhythm:

  • The flowering period begins already in 3‒4 weeks after seed germination even in conditions of sunlight deficiency.
  • You will harvest ripe buds 4‒6 weeks after flowering.

Thus, the entire cultivation cycle of auto-flowering marijuana varieties takes 2‒3 months after seed germination. This is in stark contrast to the planting of a common weed, where a grower waits for harvest for about 6‒8 months if it grows in natural conditions.

How Long to Germinate Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds?

Since auto-flowering marijuana can be cultivated all year round, growers often plant new seeds after they have harvested a previous batch. There are good reasons for this:

  • This way, you will have a fresh batch of weed all year round.
  • Because auto-flowering marijuana plants are compact, the number of buds harvested will be less than on large, luxurious cannabis plants. But due to the ability to harvest several times a year, the total result will be greater than when cultivating other varieties.

Therefore, it is advisable to start germinating a new batch of seeds shortly before you harvest from already growing plants. Good quality seeds, which can be found in the Herbies online store, germinate very quickly. About 72 hours are enough for them to be planted in the ground. However, if you have old seeds, they will need significantly more time to awaken. And you will have to wait for the sprouts for 7‒10 days.

Breeders have obtained auto-flowering seeds for many different marijuana strains, so you will have a wide palette of choices when buying. To find out which strain of auto-flowering marijuana you should grow, call or email Herbies’ customer support. The company’s specialists will not only provide you with a free consultation but also give advice on cultivating your chosen cannabis strain.