How long is wasteland weekend?

How long is wasteland weekend?

Wasteland Weekend is a 5-day post-apocalyptic Mad Max-style party in the CA desert.

Where does wasteland weekend happen?

Edwards, California
Wasteland Weekend is an annual festival held in Edwards, California. The event is listed as a full immersion event, with all participants required to adhere to the set theme. It has since been annually held in September since 2010, except for 2020, when the event was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who started Wasteland Weekend?

That group of attendees included the original three founders of Wasteland Weekend: Karol Bartoszynski, Jared Butler (a Los Angeles screenwriter and voice actor), and James Howard (a veteran of San Diego nightclub promoting and later founder of Outer Zone Overnights aka OZO).

How many acres is wasteland weekend?

about 85 acres
A strictly 18 and over only event, Wasteland Weekend draws much of its influence from Mad Max franchise and requires all attendees to wear appropriately themed clothing. The event itself takes place on about 85 acres of a much larger parcel of land off of Rosewood Boulevard in the Edwards area.

How do I prepare for the weekend wasteland?

Having a camp with shade makes a HUGE difference. Make it happen….

  1. water, and lots of it, drink up.
  2. shade.
  3. high wind preps!
  4. food.
  5. electrolytes..drink pickle water.
  6. sunblock.
  7. warm clothes!

What does wasteland mean?

1 : barren or uncultivated land a desert wasteland. 2 : an ugly often devastated or barely inhabitable place or area.

How do you get the wasteland Valorant skin?

The Wasteland Collection is a collection of cosmetics in VALORANT. Its contents can be obtained when one of its skins becomes available in a player’s daily offers from the Store. For a limited time after its release, the collection was also available to be purchased as a bundle.

What should I bring to the wasteland this weekend?

Water, water, and more water, enough for drinking, and a little washing up if you’d like. Canopy/sun shade. Having a camp with shade makes a HUGE difference. Make it happen….

  • water, and lots of it, drink up.
  • shade.
  • high wind preps!
  • food.
  • electrolytes..drink pickle water.
  • sunblock.
  • warm clothes!

Why is it called wasteland?

A neglected urban area, like an empty lot or a playground that’s unused and in disrepair, might also be called a wasteland. T.S. Eliot’s most famous poem, “The Waste Land,” alludes to a wasteland from Arthurian legend.

What is wasteland and examples?

The definition of a wasteland is an area that has been damaged or is lacking in the positive qualities of life. A city after a bombing attack is an example of a wasteland. Visiting a city that doesn’t have museums, galleries or studios is an example of an artistic wasteland. noun. 3.

How do you get the wasteland vandal?

Non-upgradable skin from the store that is purchasable in-game for 1,275 Valorant Points.

How much is the wasteland bundle in Valorant?

Wasteland Bundle

Bundle Cost Gho
Wasteland 4,270 ·

When is the 10th year of Wasteland Weekend?

In 2019, Wasteland Weekend will be celebrating it’s tenth year! This will be a very special event and we are already making plans to insure this is the biggest and best post-apocalyptic party ever! Ticket and event details will be coming early in 2019, but for now, just mark your calendars: September 25th – 29th, 2019.

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