How many episode does be careful with my heart?

How many episode does be careful with my heart?

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What is the ending of Be Careful With My Heart?

In Be Careful with My Heart’s finale episode, Manang Fe expressed how happy she is for the household helpers, Doris, Lea, Joma and Sabel, who announced her pregnancy. Richard and Maya, who were still in the province, congratulated Sabel and thought that it is about time that they have another baby.

How old is Maya Dela Rosa?

Main cast. Jodi Sta. Maria as Maya dela Rosa-Lim – At 25, Maya is a simple, idealistic provincial girl who dreams of becoming a flight stewardess but in a twist of events ends up becoming a nanny for a wealthy family in Manila.

How many years is be careful with my heart?

MANILA – “Be Careful With My Heart” is coming to an end. After more than two years on air, the “kilig-serye” will conclude on November 28, its lead stars Jodi Sta. Maria and Richard Yap announced in a live interview on “TV Patrol” Thursday. Since it debuted in July 2012, “Be Careful With My Heart” has remained the No.

How old is Jodi Stamaria?

39 years (June 16, 1982)
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How old is Mutya Orquia?

15 years (2006)
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When did be careful with my heart start?

July 9, 2012
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Is Iwa Moto married?

Iwa Moto

Iwa Moto イワ モト
Occupation Actress, model, reality television personality
Years active 2005–2018 (showbiz)
Known for StarStruck Kung Mahawi Man Ang Ulap Bakekang Darna
Partner(s) Pampi Lacson (since 2013)

Is Jodi and heart cousins?

As soon as she arrived from her Star Talk taping, she quickly slipped into her glam team’s room to have herself made up yet again. “Albert (Kurniawan) works really quick, which is why I love working with him,” says Heart’s stylist Kat Cruz. Her cousin Jodi Sta.

When did be careful with my Heart Air?

Be Careful With My Heart is a 2012 Philippine daytime television drama which premiered on ABS-CBN’s PrimeTanghali noontime block from July 9, 2012 to November 28, 2014 airing before It’s Showtime. It is also broadcast worldwide on The Filipino Channel.

Who is Mamang in be careful with my heart?

Divina Valencia as Conchita “Mamang” dela Paz – Kute and Maya’s loving grandmother and Teresita’s mother. Rosario “Tart” Carlos as Dorina “Doris” Malasig – Sabel’s close friend and a maid; later Abby’s nanny in the Lim family.

Who is Nikki in be careful with my heart?

Janella Salvador as Nikki “Nik-Nik” Grace Lim – She is the middle child and the spitting-image of her mother. After the death of her mom, Nikki tries to overcompensate for her loss and tries to take charge of her siblings.

Who is Abigail in be careful with my heart?

In order to save her family from their huge debt, Maya Dela Rosa decides to work abroad but finds out that she was scammed by the recruitment agency in Manila. Her life starts to change when she saves a deaf kid named Abigail, who happens to be the daughter of a handsome and rich widower Richard Lim.