How many kDa is beta actin?

How many kDa is beta actin?

42 kDa
Beta-Actin (42 kDa) is commonly chosen as a loading control due to its general expression across all eukaryotic cell types.

What is the molecular weight of beta actin?

approximately 42 kD
The molecular weight (MW) of beta-actin is approximately 42 kD.

What size is beta actin?

beta-actin – a housekeeping protein Though beta-actin has a molecular weight of 42 kDa, degradation will produce 35–38 kDa, ~ 30 kDa, 15 kDa, and other typical fragments on a Western blot, of which 35-38 kDa fragments are the most common.

What is beta actin used for?

Beta actin is often used in Western blotting as a loading control, to normalize total protein amounts and check for eventual protein degradation in the samples. Its transcript is also commonly used as a housekeeping gene standard in qPCR. Its molecular weight is approximately 42 kDa.

What is the size of actin protein?

about 6 nm
Actin filaments are the smallest type, with a diameter of only about 6 nm, and they are made of a protein called actin.

What is beta actin antibody?

β-Actin Antibody detects endogenous levels of β-actin. Due to the high sequence identity between the actin isoforms, β-Actin Antibody may cross-react with other actin isoforms.

What is the molecular weight of myosin?

The myosin molecule is composed of two subunits of molecular weight 200,000 and several small polypeptides ranging in molecular weight from 15,000 to 25,000 daltons [6].

What is beta-actin mRNA?

beta-Actin mRNA is localized near the leading edge in several cell types where actin polymerization is actively promoting forward protrusion. This suggests that a decrease in persistence of direction of movement and not in velocity results from treatment of cells with zipcode-directed antisense oligonucleotides.

What is beta-actin antibody?

Is beta-actin a housekeeping gene?

β-actin is a cytoskeletal protein involved in cell structure and motility. Based on these basic and ubiquitous cellular functions, GAPDH and β-actin are considered as housekeeping genes.

Is actin thin or thick?

Most of the cytoplasm consists of myofibrils, which are cylindrical bundles of two types of filaments: thick filaments of myosin (about 15 nm in diameter) and thin filaments of actin (about 7 nm in diameter).

What type of protein is actin?

Actin is a family of globular multi-functional proteins that form microfilaments in the cytoskeleton, and the thin filaments in muscle fibrils. It is found in essentially all eukaryotic cells, where it may be present at a concentration of over 100 μM; its mass is roughly 42-kDa, with a diameter of 4 to 7 nm.

Where can I get a free β Actin antibody?

Contact our Technical Service Department (or your local Distributor) for more information on how to receive a FREE 10 µg sample of β-Actin (C4): sc-47778. m-IgG Fc BP-HRP, m-IgG 1 BP-HRP and m-IgGκ BP-HRP are the preferred secondary detection reagents for β-Actin Antibody (C4) for WB and IHC (P) applications.

Actin is a major component of the cytoskeleton, with six known isoforms in mammals. Four of these isoforms are expressed primarily in striated and smooth muscle cells, whereas beta-actin and gamma-actin isoforms are ubiquitously expressed. Though beta-actin has a molecular weight of 42 kDa, degradation will produce 35–38 kDa, ~ 30 kDa, 15 kDa,…

Is the N-terminal sequence of beta actin conserved?

Beta-actin is highly conserved among species. However, the N-terminal sequence is less conserved among species than the C-terminus. Since the immunogen for 60008-1-Ig is the internal sequence, this antibody can recognize a wide range of species and can be broadly used in research. Figure 1.

What is the molecular weight of actin I-19?

Actin (I-19) is also recommended for detection of a broad range of Actin iso forms in additional species, including equine, canine, bovine, porcine and avian. Molecular Weight of Actin: 43 kDa. Positive Controls: C32 whole cell lysate: sc-2205, A-431 whole cell lysate: sc-2201 or HL-60 whole cell lysate: sc-2209.