How many people have jumped off Grafton Bridge?

How many people have jumped off Grafton Bridge?

Removing barriers blamed for 14 suicides. No one has committed suicide by jumping from Grafton Bridge since safety screens were put back up.

Can you drive over Grafton Bridge?

Grafton Bridge Operates 7am to 7pm, Monday to Friday. It operates these times citybound and outbound. These operating times apply year round, including public holidays. During these operating times the bridge is closed to traffic other than buses, cyclists, motorcyclists and emergency services.

Who can use bus lanes NZ?

How bus lanes work

  • Bus lanes can be used by buses, bicycles, motorcycles/scooters and in-service taxis.
  • Bus-only lanes can only be used by buses.
  • All other vehicles can use these lanes briefly (up to 50 metres) to cross through to another lane or turn into another street.

When can you drive in a bus lane NZ?

Bus-only lanes are part of existing roads but designed only for buses. No other vehicles are allowed to use the lanes except to turn into or out of a side road or driveway or to cross them to park.

How high is the Grafton bridge?

43 m
Grafton Bridge/Clearance below
The bridge is 296 metres long. It is designed with a central span supported on parallel twin arches. The central span is 320 ft (97.6 m) wide, rising 84ft 9 (25.6 m ) above the abutments and attains a height of 142 ft (43.3 m) above the valley floor.

How old is Grafton bridge?

89c. 1932
Grafton Bridge/Age

Is the Grafton Bridge open?

A parallel New Grafton Bridge, located 70 metres (230 ft) east of the original bridge and initially consisting of two lanes, opened to traffic on 12 December 2019….Grafton Bridge (New South Wales)

Grafton Bridge
Coordinates 29°41′53″S 152°56′32″ECoordinates: 29°41′53″S 152°56′32″E

How long is Grafton Bridge?

98 m
Grafton Bridge/Total length

The bridge has a large central span of 97.6 m, with three smaller spans on its eastern approach and six on its west. It is 296 m long and built entirely of reinforced concrete, with the girders in its approaches being claimed as the longest continuous segments in the world at the time.

Which vehicles can use bus lanes?

Vehicles that can use a bus lane

  • Buses which have a minimum of 10 seats (including the driver)
  • Licensed taxis (hackney carriages)
  • Motorcycles (without side cars)
  • Mopeds.
  • Scooters.
  • Tricycles (non-motorised, motorised under 450kg, not with side cars)
  • Bicycles.

Can we use bus lanes?

Bus lane or B Lane can be used by public buses. According to the NSW Road Rules, a ‘public bus’ means a coach. Bicycles, taxis, hire cars (with HC plates), and motorcycles are also permitted to drive in these lanes.

WHEN CAN bus lanes be used?

Most bus lanes operate at peak times only (typically 7.30am to 9.30am or 3.30pm to 6.00pm on Monday to Friday). Outside the hours of operation the lanes can be used by all traffic. The legislation for most bus lanes allows permitted taxis, motorcycles and bicycles to use bus lanes.

Can I use a bus lane when turning left?

Unless your vehicle is permitted to use a bus lane, during its operational hours you can’t enter, drive in, or wait in a bus lane: to queue in a bus lane to turn left into a side road because the traffic is backed up from the junction – you must wait in the outside lane until the turning area is clear.