How many people live in the town of Marburg?

How many people live in the town of Marburg?

Marburg(German pronunciation: [ˈmaːɐ̯bʊʁk]or[ˈmaʁbʊʁk] (listen)) is a university townin the German federal state(Bundesland) of Hesse, capital of the Marburg-Biedenkopfdistrict(Landkreis). The town area spreads along the valley of the river Lahnand has a population of approximately 76,000.

What kind of virus is the Marburg virus?

Marburg virus disease (MVD) is a rare but severe hemorrhagic fever which affects both people and non-human primates. MVD is caused by the Marburg virus, a genetically unique zoonotic (or, animal-borne) RNA virus of the filovirus family.

How tall is the path in Marburg Germany?

The path, inaugurated in April 2012, connects fairy tale figures from the famous Grimm stories. These installations adorn walls, houses and steps, some reaching up to a height of up to 109 meters (358 feet). These are accompanied by interesting tidbits of information about the beloved Brothers and their magical tales.

What to see and do in Marburg Germany?

A romantic German riverfront town that dates back to the 9th century. Marburg Castle overlooks this medieval university town. Places to see, ways to wander, and signature experiences. A mix of the charming, modern, and tried and true. Can’t-miss spots to dine, drink, and feast.

When was the name of the Marburg virus changed?

In 2005, the virus name was changed to Lake Victoria marburgvirus, which unfortunately was the same spelling as its species Lake Victoria marburgvirus. However, most scientific articles continued to refer to Marburg virus. Consequently, in 2010, the name Marburg virus was reinstated and the species name changed.

What makes Marburg Marburger wallpapers so glam?

Cool and casual, but at the same time glamorous and exciting – this distinguishes the City Glam collection. The basis of nearly all its wallpapers is a concrete fabric that shows well dosed weathering. However, it sparkles and shimmers thanks to these small scrapes and defects.

How big are the particles of the Marburg virus?

Like all filoviruses, marburgvirions are filamentous particles that may appear in the shape of a shepherd’s crook or in the shape of a “U” or a “6”, and they may be coiled, toroid, or branched. Marburgvirions are generally 80 nm in width, but vary somewhat in length.