How many watts is MTX Thunder 4500?

How many watts is MTX Thunder 4500?

Product details. PRICE IS FOR (2) SUBWOOFERS TOTALING 500 WATTS! The “12” MTX thunder 4500 series is one of the most efficiently rated subwoofers on the market.

Is MTX better than Pioneer?

mtx in general has better subs, better amps, similar speakers, but pioneer HU’s are great.

How many watts is a MTX?

The MTX TN12-04 is a 12″ single voice coil, 4 Ohm, 200 watt Car Audio Subwoofer that is economically priced but not short on performance.

Are MTX home speakers any good?

The company website will tell you that MTX car speakers are of high quality and offer superior performance. As well as accurately reproducing a range of music, the new range of 3-Way MTX car speakers are also designed to be easily installed and have one of the shallowest mounting depths of any car speakers available.

How many watts is the MTX Terminator amp?

Skar Audio MA-8 Product Overview – 800 Watts Peak Power.

How much does the MTX Jackhammer weigh?

MTX Audio T9922-22 Jackhammer Super Subwoofer

Speaker Type Subwoofer
Brand MTX
Item Dimensions LxWxH 31.75 x 32 x 31.75 inches
Item Weight 408 Pounds
Frequency Response 20 Hz

Is MTX good brand?

mtx are very good quality, but don’t put as much bass so they get ranked on. If your going for SPL, MTX probably isn’t the greatest, but they’re very good in the way of sound quality.

How many watts are MTX 12s?

MTX TNE212D 12-Inch 1200-Watt Car Audio Dual Loaded Subwoofer Box Enclosure.

What is the biggest subwoofer?

Danley Sound Labs’ Matterhorn Subwoofer may be the world’s biggest–at least I hope it is. The mother of all subs has 40,000 watts of power, and the whole thing is built into a 20x8x8 foot shipping container.