How much do state employees make in Kansas?

How much do state employees make in Kansas?

The average employee salary for the State of Kansas in 2020 was $48,733. This is 26.1 percent lower than the national average for government employees and 19.4 percent lower than other states.

Are government employees salaries public record?

Under open government laws specified in 5 U.S.C. § 552, the names, titles, and salaries of all civilian government employees are considered public information.

How much does the president of Kansas State make?

University of Kansas Chancellor Doug Girod makes about $650,000 a year; Kansas State President Richard Myers’ annual salary is just over $600,000.

Are teachers in Kansas state employees?

In Kansas, teachers are a part of the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System, which includes not only teachers but all state employees. The KPERS system was established in 1962. But unlike most states, new teachers in Kansas do not participate in a traditional defined benefit (DB) pension plan.

How often do Kansas state employees get paid?

Note that state employees are paid bi-weekly, normally receiving 26 paychecks in a fiscal year.

How many state employees are there in Kansas?

Data shows concentrations of public employees for each state.

State State/Local FTE Employment State Gov. FTE Employment
Kansas 79,087 27,301
Utah 63,422 27,985
Maryland 133,946 56,906
Louisiana 132,113 45,288

How do you look up someone’s salary?

These are some of the best tips:

  1. Do some online research. This should probably be the first step in your quest to find out someone’s salary.
  2. Check public records.
  3. Ask your mentor.
  4. Ask a former colleague.
  5. Offer to trade information.

How do I look up a salary?

Best salary information websites

  1. The most popular salary-specific job site, lists every position in a field with free salary info.
  2. Glassdoor. Glassdoor is known for its extensive company reviews and employee feedback.
  3. PayScale.
  4. Indeed.
  5. SalaryList.
  6. Salary Expert.
  7. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  8. Job title.

Who is the president of Kansas State University?

Richard Myers
Kansas State University/Presidents

How much does Gene Taylor make?

Kansas State athletic director Gene Taylor has agreed to a contract extension through the 2026-27 school year, the school announced Wednesday. The new deal includes a $925,000 annual salary and performance and retention incentives.

Do Kansas teachers get a pension?

Kansas offers teachers access to its public employee pension fund, ensuring teachers are well supported throughout their retirement. In Kansas, you’re eligible to receive full pension benefits if you meet the following retirement qualifications: At age 65 with five years of service credit.

Do Kansas teachers pay into Social Security?

In those states, teachers and other state and local government workers are exempt from paying Social Security taxes and instead typically rely on a state-run pension plan. So, why aren’t teachers covered? The short answer: In part, it’s because they don’t pay into the Social Security system.

What is the average wage in Kansas?

The average hourly wage (pay per hour) in Kansas | All Jobs is 40 USD. This means that the average person in Kansas earns approximatly 40 USD for every worked hour. The hourly wage is the salary paid in one working hour. Usually jobs are classified into two categories: salaried jobs and hourly jobs.

What is the average income in Kansas?

Average Household Income in Kansas: $74,633. Kansas ranks 26th for highest average household income. The state has a large gender wage gap — the median income for men is nearly $12,000 more than the median income for women.

How much does Kansas State University pay?

Kansas State University paid its 5,464 employees $309.3 million in fiscal year 2018, according to payroll data the Kansas City Business Journal obtained from the Kansas Department of Administration. In 2018, 759 employees earned more than six figures – that’s 14% of KSU’s payroll.