How much do you get for dislocation allowance?

How much do you get for dislocation allowance?

Normally you can receive DLA only one time per fiscal year….2021 Dislocation Allowance Rates.

Pay Grade Without Dependents Rate With Dependents Rate
E-2 $1,165.30 $2,407.52
E-1 $1,039.11 $2,407.52

Do you get dislocation allowance when separating?

Yes, a Service member relocating without dependents receives a dislocation allowance at the without-dependent rate. A Service member who moves from family-type Government quarters upon separation or retirement does not receive a partial dislocation allowance.

Do you get dislocation allowance when you PCS?

If you’re planning your next military move due to a permanent change of station, you may be able to receive a dislocation allowance. A DLA partially reimburses service members for incurred household moving expenses.

How do I request a dislocation allowance?

To request a DLA advance, Soldiers need to fill out the Defense Finance and Accounting Service Form 9114. Or, they can receive the DLA after their move is completed when their fill out their Defense Department Form 1351-2 travel voucher. The Army is also pursuing efforts to ease other challenges during PCS moves.

How much is per diem for PCS?

Per Diem for PCS Travel When traveling by Privately Owned Conveyance (POC), military members are paid a flat rate of $142.00 per day for each day of authorized travel used.

What is a military pay allotment?

Allotments are payroll deductions, and a way to pay for things directly from your paycheck – before you see the money. Most people use them to pay for things like life insurance or repaying a military loan. DoD won’t let you set up allotments to pay for things like vehicles, furniture, electronics, and jewelry.

Will the military move me when I separate?

For retirees or separating service members with more than 8 years of continuous active duty: The government may cover the cost of relocating you to your home of record (HOR) or home of selection (HOS), anywhere within the United States, depending upon your type of discharge.

What can dislocation allowance be used for?

The purpose of Dislocation Allowance (DLA) is to partially reimburse a servicemember, with or without dependents, for the expenses incurred in relocating the member’s household on a PCS, housing moves ordered for the Government’s convenience, or incident to an evacuation.

What conditions qualify for DLA?

You can get DLA if at least one of the following applies to your child:

  • they need a lot more care, attention or supervision than a child of the same age who isn’t disabled.
  • they have difficulty walking or getting around outdoors in unfamiliar places, compared to a child of the same age who isn’t disabled.

How do you qualify for DLA?


  • be under 16 – anyone over 16 must apply for Personal Independence Payment ( PIP )
  • need extra looking after or have walking difficulties.
  • be in Great Britain, a European Economic Area ( EEA ) country or Switzerland when you claim – there are some exceptions, such as family members of the Armed Forces.

How many days of per diem for PCS?

Per-Diem Driving: 1) Official Travel Time: A traveler who is authorized PCS travel by POV is allowed one day of travel for the first 400 miles between authorized points. For any distance greater than 400 miles, the traveler is allowed another day of travel for every additional 350 miles.