How much does a Dimension One spa cost?

How much does a Dimension One spa cost?

We have hand picked three different models, each of these are considered to be some of the most popular that Dimension One Spas has available. All of which do vary in cost from about $10,995 to $17,000 and have features that are unique to each model.

How do you reset a dimension one spa?

recommend that you have your hot tub inspected by your dealer for routine preventative maintenance. To reset (turn off) this message, push and hold the Dimension One Spas ICON (logo) Button located at the right hand side of the control panel for 3 seconds.

How do you unlock a dimension one spa?

To unlock the Panel: The following buttons must be pushed within 3 seconds: 1. Push the ENTER Button….3 seconds:

  1. Push the Dimension One Spas ICON (logo)® Button.
  2. Push the Dimension One Spas ICON (logo)® Button.
  3. Push the PROGRAM Button.

Why is my hot tub not heating?

If your spa heater won’t heat, remove and clean the filter(s) to rule out a pressure or flow rate problem in your hot tub heater. Low water level, a clogged pump impeller, closed valves, clogged pipes, or blocked spa drain covers can also cause flow issues.

How do I find out what year my hot tub is?

Another way to find out a hot tub’s age is by serial number. This number is often date-coded so that the month and year of manufacture can be determined. The actual spa manufacturer also may be able to look up the serial number in their database to help determine a spa’s age.

Where is the serial number on a Lay Z spa?

You can find out the year your Lay‑Z‑Spa was made by checking the serial number. This can be found either inside the Lay‑Z‑Spa liner or on the pump.

What do you need to fix a dimension one spa?

Using Dimension One Spa Parts we teach you how to fix your spa: Spa Jets, Spa Pumps, Laing Heaters, Spa Ozone, Spa Pillows, Hot Tub Heaters, Vision Cartridge, Spa Filters and More.

What are the dimensions of a diplomat hot tub?

Dimensions: 92″ x 92″ x 36″ Jets: 45 The Diplomat™ offers luxury without compromise. A high-performance lounge for him and her means there will be no more negotiating for the best seat in the hot tub.

What are the parts of a dimension one hot tub?

Dimension One Spa Parts are available in many different products, such as: Upper Controls, D1 Jets, Dimension One Filters D1 Pillows, Vision Cartridges, Water Care, Spa Covers, Electronics, Ozone Systems, EZ Lifter and Covers, and other hot tub products and parts of Dimension One. How Can We Help?

Do you need special solvent to clean Ultralife?

The timeless beauty of softly textured UltraLife® is easily maintained, doesn’t require special cleaning solvents, and blends with any décor or color scheme.