How much is a 1993 RX7 worth?

How much is a 1993 RX7 worth?

The FD Mazda RX-7 Market Today Collector car insurance expert Hagerty says the average price of a 1993-95 Mazda RX-7 is some $26,600 for a good, solid car that presents well and has no obvious needs. Step up a rung to a show-worthy car and you’ll spend around $44,000.

How much is an RX7 worth?

Expect to pay around $25,000 to $40,000 for a good one, but ones in immaculate condition will go for even more (for example this one). If you are interested in purchasing a Mazda RX-7 FD, make sure you check out our “Buying a Mazda RX7 FD – Ultimate Guide” article.

How much is a FB RX7 worth?

A: The average price of a Mazda RX-7 – SA22/FB – 1st Gen is $11,871.

Why is the Mazda RX7 banned in the US?

Well, technically, yes: any Mazda RX7 produced after 1995 would have been made to cater to the Japanese car market, which meant that it had a Left-hand drive configuration, which is illegal in the United States.

Will RX7 go up in value?

Classic Car ‘Rising Tide Lifts All Boats’ While the RX7 has not experienced price inflation to the same extent as say the Porsche 911, there is no doubt that Japanese classics have also gone up in value. The “rising tide that lifts all boats” has led to cars like the RX7 climbing in price in recent years.

How much is a 1979 Mazda RX7 worth?


Year Model Low-High
1979 GS $3000-$6000
1981 GSL $2500-$5500
1985 GSL-SE $4000-$7000

What is a FB RX-7?

The first generation of the RX-7, SA (early) and FB (late), was a two-seater 2 door hatchback coupé. It featured a 12A carbureted rotary engine as well as the option for a 13B with electronic fuel injection in later years.

How much is a 1979 RX-7 worth?

Are RX-7 illegal in the US?

Any Mazda RX-7 produced after 1995 is not allowed or is banned in the United States. Another option is to have a 1995 Mazda RX-7 or older imported from a seller outside the United States.

Is it illegal to drive a Mazda RX-7?

However, since the third-generation RX-7 was produced in Japan until 2002, some right-hand-drive models can now be imported and driven legally in the U.S. So technically, no, the Mazda RX-7 is not illegal in the U.S., unless you’re looking to import one of the last iterations of it.

Are Mazda RX7 expensive to maintain?

In our opinion, the Mazda RX7 (of any generation, but particularly the FD which is the most popular and in-demand) is not a good first car. RX7s are expensive to buy, expensive to maintain, impractical, costly to insure, and probably too powerful and “demanding” for a first driver.

Is the 1993 Mazda RX7 in good condition?

1993 Mazda Rx7 This 1993 Mazda RX-7 is finished in Vintage Red over a tan leather interior. Paint is in good condition for its a… more This Mazda RX-7 is one of 138 R1 examples produced in Brilliant Black over a black interior for the 1993 model year.

Is the 1991 Mazda RX7 convertible on AutoTrader?

Check out these emerging classics for sale on Autotrader. This 1991 Mazda RX7 Convertible is finished in Blaze Red and has 44,790 original miles. It is powered by a 1.3-liter rotary engine with a four-speed automatic transmission. Equipment includes a p… More Info ›

When did the Mazda RX7 FC come out?

The second generation Mazda RX7 dubbed the FC was first introduced in 1985 and featured the still revolutionary 1.3L rotary engine. Designed by Felix Wankel, the rotary engine has the advantages of…

When did the Mazda RX 7 STK 3009 come out?

STK 3009 1991 Mazda RX-7 The second generation Mazda RX-7 (model FC), produced from 1986 to 1992, featured a completely restyled look reminiscent of the Porsche 944.This design strategy was chosen More Info › I purchased this car new from the dealer in Greenville SC.