How much is go karting in Tampa?

How much is go karting in Tampa?


$16 /RACE $39 /3 RACES
$12 /RACE $29 /3 RACES

How fast are the Tampa Bay Grand Prix Go Karts?

50 mph
Tampa Bay Grand Prix is the fastest and most unique electric indoor go-karting experience around! Reach speeds of up to 50 mph on our electric Italian Pro-Karts while racing on our challenging tracks. Designed for speed, competition, and skill-building, each track layout is unique and challenging.

Who owns Grand Prix Tampa?

Meet the Business Owner: Bertrand O. Bertrand is the creator of this concept and he has already help and supply equipment for over 80 places in the USA. Bertrand is also the owner of Orlando Grand Prix and Tampa Bay Grand Prix Clearwater.

How fast are the karts at Andretti’s?

How fast are K1 Speed’s go karts? K1 Speed’s 20-horsepower electric adult go karts can reach speeds of up to 45 miles per hour – the fastest in the industry.

How much does Grand Prix cost?

2021 United States Grand Prix Pricelist

Ticket Type Price ($USD)
Turn 19 Grandstand $385
Turn 9 Bleachers $320
Turn 18 Bleachers Upper = $330 Lower = $275
General Admission $210

How much are go karts at Andretti’s?

Single Adult Race $22.95 $24.95
Three Race Pack Adult $54.95 N/A
Single Intermediate Race $22.95 $24.95
Three Race Pack Intermediate $54.95 N/A

How fast are electric go karts?

Electric go-karts have a top speed of 50 MPH, producing around 20 horsepower. They still handle like normal karts, the only difference being the lack of any engine noise. Electric karts are still fast and fun to drive, but their popularity is still in the early stages.

Is F1 the most expensive sport?

Formula 1. Formula 1 is perhaps the most expensive sport in the world. Very few people can afford this sport and their own and it’s usually done with the help of corporate sponsors or patronage. An F1 car can cost upwards of a million dollars.

What is there to do in Tampa Florida this weekend?

25 Best Things to Do in Tampa, Florida

  • Busch Gardens Tampa. © Courtesy of Peter –
  • Tampa Museum of Art.
  • Museum of Science & Industry, Tampa, Florida.
  • Tampa Bay History Center.
  • Big Cat Rescue, Tampa, FL.
  • Tampa Waterbike Company, Tampa, Florida.
  • Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo.
  • The Florida Aquarium, Tampa, Florida.

Is there a go kart race in Tampa?

Located in both Clearwater and Tampa, FL, Tampa Bay Grand Prix is an invigorating go-kart racing experience to remember. Race against other riders — whether they’re new acquaintances or your own large group — and race against your own time on our three incredible track options.

What to do at Grand Prix in Tampa?

Grand Prix Tampa will thrill the whole family with plenty of outside and inside fun, including The Big Track Go Kart Track, The Family Track, Castle Arcade, Ropes Adventure Dome, Miniature Golf and more! Have you had any fun lately? If not, the fun is waiting at Grand Prix Tampa!

How many people can go kart racing with?

Hold a competition with nine friends, family members, coworkers or racing enthusiasts on a thrilling track layout. Or, come to the track solo to really hone in on developing your racing skills. Enjoy the challenges our tracks bring with tight turns, off-camber corners and straightaways.

What makes a go kart good for racing?

Our high performance, gas powered go karts are built for speed and drivability. Designed for racing, our go karts provide outstanding shock stability and unrivaled energy absorption. Featuring modern design and spacious seating, our comfortable world class karts deliver a one-of-a-kind driving experience.