How much snow did DFW get in 2011?

How much snow did DFW get in 2011?

The greatest snowfall on record at DFW occurred on February 11, 2010 (11.2 inches). The storm total at DFW for that event (Feb 11-12, 2010) was 12.5 inches….Snow: Dallas/Fort Worth’s Top-20 Largest Snowfalls on Record.

Snow Amount Rank Date
3.00″ 16 Feb 14, 1951 (Wed)
2.90″ 17 Jan 30, 1949 (Sun)
2.60″ 18 Feb 04, 2011 (Fri)
2.60″ 19 Feb 14, 2004 (Sat)

How many inches of snow did Dallas get?

Climate Averages

Dallas, Texas United States
Snowfall 1.2 in. 27.8 in.
Precipitation 77.6 days 106.2 days
Sunny 234 days 205 days
Avg. July High 94.9° 85.8°

What year did it snow in Dallas Texas?

Dallas – Extreme Daily Snowfall for Each Year

Inches Date Centimetres
2.0 December 06, 2013 5.1
2.0 December 25, 2012 5.1
5.1 February 04, 2011 13.0
7.8 February 11, 2010 19.8

Did Texas have a Winter Storm 2011?

The winter storm in February 2011 saw single-digit temperatures in parts of Texas. A total of 193 generating units in Texas faltered, leading to rolling blackouts affecting 3.2 million customers.

What is the most snow Texas has ever gotten?

Hillsboro’s 26-inch snowfall tally certified as all-time 24-hour snowfall record for the state of Texas!

How many inches of snow did Fort Worth get?

Climate Averages

Fort Worth, Texas United States
Rainfall 36.7 in. 38.1 in.
Snowfall 1.3 in. 27.8 in.
Precipitation 78.6 days 106.2 days
Sunny 229 days 205 days

Does Dallas Texas have snow?

Snow. There are two to three days with hail per year, but snowfall is rare. Based on records from 1898 to 2019, the average snowfall is 2.6 inches per year. It has snowed twice during Thanksgiving day NFL football games at Texas Stadium, in 1993 and 2007, which is comparatively early.

Will it snow in Texas in 2021?

The Farmers Almanac predicts that Texas will see bitterly cold temperatures for the 2021-2022 winter season. Despite the frigid forecast, however, precipitation should be nearly normal. That means (with luck) there won’t be as many opportunities for a snow and ice event like what we saw this year to occur.

What’s the most it’s ever snowed in Texas?

How cold did it get in Texas in 2011?

Temperatures dropped dramatically in Midland, Texas behind the front with a low of 12 degrees and a high of 29 on February 1, 2011. On Tuesday and Wednesday, colder air surged southward as the front drew further south across west Texas and temperature records were broken all across southwest Texas and New Mexico.

When did Texas get snow 2021?

A Snow-Covered Texas. GeoColor satellite image from the morning of 15 February, 2021. An unprecedented and historical eight-day period of winter weather occurred between 10 February and 18 February across South-Central Texas.

When did it snow in DFW in 2010?

The greatest snowfall on record at DFW occurred on February 11, 2010 (11.2 inches). The storm total at DFW for that event (Feb 11-12, 2010) was 12.5 inches. Many parts of the metroplex saw over 15 inches of snow. Historic snowstorm in North Texas on 2/12/2010.

What was the weather like in February 2011 in Dallas?

February 2011 will be remembered for the extraordinarily cold weather that began the month. For Dallas/Fort Worth, there were several events that had not occurred in many years: record low temperature of 15°F on February 10 – first record low temperature since December 4, 2006

What was the snowfall in Waco in February?

The map to the right shows the estimated February snowfall totals from across North Texas. Official totals are in yellow: During the February 3-4 event, Waco recorded 2 inches of snow. For Waco, this is one of only five events with at least 2 inches of snowfall during the last 25 years.

Is the precipitation in Dallas Fort Worth continuous?

While the climate record for Dallas/Fort Worth is considered continuous, the precipitation totals are from the following locations…