How much weight can a woman lose on the HCG diet?

How much weight can a woman lose on the HCG diet?

How much weight will I lose with the hCG diet? Most hCG dieters report a loss of 1 to 2 lbs a day. At the very least, . 5 pound a day, and at the most, 3 + lbs a day.

What do you eat on the first 2 days of the HCG diet?

Here’s a list of some ideas of foods you can include in your two day loading phase:

  • Rich dressings e.g. Hollandaise sauce, mayonnaise.
  • Fried meats e.g. chicken, pork.
  • Meats e.g. bacon, pork ribs, beef franks, hamburger, sausage.
  • Cheese, butter, cream cheese, heavy cream, milk shakes.
  • Avocados, guacamole, nuts.

Can you have skinny girl dressing on HCG?

SKINNY GIRL DRESSINGS – these are great and a tablespoon or two is all you need to add a little flavor to your HCG Diet salad or vegetable dish. My fave is the honey mustard. SALSA – as long as it is fresh and there is no sugars added and sodium is low you can add small amounts to your dishes to add flavor.

Will I gain weight back after HCG diet?

Unfortunately for most, they gained all or most of the weight back. Many of them even added a few additional pounds. On top of this, studies have shown that individuals that try to do the HCG diet a second and third time are not getting even close to the same results as the first. It’s a discouraging reality.

How much weight can you lose in a week on the HCG diet?

At 500 calories consumed per day, that person will lose 2.83 pounds per week.

What foods can you eat on the HCG diet phase 2?

The foods listed below are the ONLY foods allowed on Phase 2 of the HCG Diet….Vegetable Options:

  • Spinach.
  • Chard.
  • Chicory.
  • Beet-greens.
  • Green Lettuce (iceberg, romaine, bibb, Boston)
  • Celery.
  • Fennel.
  • Onions.

What can you eat on Phase 1 of HCG diet?

Phase 1: This phase lasts for two days and is commonly called the Loading Phase. During this phase, you are allowed to consume anything you like while you are using HCG. A lot of individuals consume foods high in fat to help reduce the shock to their bodies prior to decreasing the calorie consumption on the third day.

Can you eat salad on hCG?

Apples, strawberries, oranges, lemons and limes will become your best friend while on the hCG diet. Chicken and white fish will be the main com- ponent for protein calories. Lettuce, tomatoes, spinach, and various other vegetables will also give you fiber and vitamins.

Why can’t I have tuna on hCG diet?

Fattier choices, such as salmon, tuna, herring and dried or pickled fish, are off-limits. Dieters also need to remove the visible fat from protein sources before boiling or grilling them. It’s OK to substitute an egg or a serving of low-fat cottage cheese for meat on occasion.

How long does HCG for weight loss stay in your system?

Typically, it takes about 10 days for the drug hCG to clear from blood and urine.

How does the hCG 2.0 diet work for You?

The hCG unlocks the body’s ability to metabolize its fat reserves when faced with a low-calorie hCG food list. Your body uses only the fat reserves and does not cannibalize muscle with the hCG 2.0 diet, according to Dr. Zach LaBoube, the author of HCG 2.0 and the pioneer of the contemporary diet plan version. The process is known as ketosis.

How big was my body when I started the HCG diet?

At the start of the hCG diet protocol, I was 172 lbs, a size 16/18, at 34.5% bodyfat – I had almost 60 lbs of fat on my short 5’1″ frame.

What to eat during Phase 2 of HCG diet?

During Weeks 3 to 6, often referred to as the stabilization weeks or phase 2, you will eat absolutely no sugars, starches, or alcohol. All foods are permissible. You should consume a high protein breakfast that has very low calories within 30 minutes of waking up.

How much weight can you lose on the HCG diet?

For losses from week 3 to the end of the round, it is normal to settle into a pattern of 2-3 pounds loss per week (5-6 for men). However, some may still lose more.