How old is Erika Slezak?

How old is Erika Slezak?

75 years (August 5, 1946)
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Is Erika Slezak related to Walter Slezak?

Erika Slezak comes from a long line of established actors. Her father is the late Walter Slezak, who starred in numerous films and on Broadway. During his career, Walter won a Tony award for his performance in the hit Fanny. The legacy doesn’t end there: Slezak’s grandfather, Leo Slezak, was an acclaimed opera singer.

Who is Walter Slezak daughter?

Erika Slezak
Ingrid Slezak
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What did Erika Slezak play in?

Guest Artist2019
The Story of SoapsDanielle Steel’s Full Circle1996
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Who is Erika Slezak married to?

Brian Daviesm. 1978
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Personal life. Slezak is married to Brian Davies, and is the mother of two children, Michael (born 1980) and Amanda (born 1981).

Who was the alter ego of the character played by Erika Slezak?

Victoria Lord is a fictional character and matriarch of the Lord family on the American soap opera One Life to Live, played for over 41 years by six-time Daytime Emmy Award-winning actress Erika Slezak.

Who played the first Kiki on General Hospital?

Kristen DeAnn Alderson (born May 29, 1991) is an American actress and singer, best known for her fifteen-year portrayal of Starr Manning on the ABC daytime drama One Life to Live, and for originating the role of Kiki Jerome on General Hospital….

Kristen Alderson
Relatives Eddie Alderson (brother)

Is Erika Slezak on Blue Bloods?

For her portrayal of Viki, she has won six Daytime Emmy Awards, the most of any daytime drama actress….Filmography.

Year 2019
Title Blue Bloods
Role Donna Duvall
Notes Episode: “Identity”