How old was Massimo Troisi when he died?

How old was Massimo Troisi when he died?

Massimo Troisi (19 February 1953 – 4 June 1994) was an Italian actor, screenwriter, and film director. He began his acting career in a theatre and rose to prominence for his roles in television series.

What kind of movies did Massimo Troisi make?

Troisi is best known for his works in the films I’m Starting from Three (1981) and Il Postino: The Postman (1994), and was posthumously nominated for two Oscars for the latter.

Who are the band members of Massimo Troisi?

His mates were De Caro and Arena. They gained national fame on the radio and increased it consistently from 1977 onwards eventually becoming TV stars with the shows Non Stop, La sberla (1978) and Luna Park (1979). Troisi soon gained the status of leader of the trio.

What kind of heart condition did Massimo Troisi have?

Troisi (pronounced Troy-EE-zee) was quietly battling a heart condition that was a result of a childhood bout of rheumatic fever. ”He knew he needed a transplant,” says Postino director Michael Radford ( White Mischief ).

When was Scusate il ritardo by Massimo Troisi released?

Scusate il ritardo, similar to the preceding one, was released in 1983, and had Giuliana De Sio as co-star.

Which is the best song by Massimo Troisi?

1 Ricomincio da tre (1981) 2 Morto Troisi, viva Troisi! (1982, TV special) 3 Scusate il ritardo (1983) 4 Non ci resta che piangere (1984, with Roberto Benigni) 5 Le vie del Signore sono finite (1987) 6 Pensavo fosse amore, invece era un calesse (1991)

When did Massimo Troisi and Roberto Benigni meet?

Troisi starred opposite Roberto Benigni in Non ci resta che piangere (1984), in which they play two friends who are accidentally transported back in time to the 15th century; there they meet Leonardo da Vinci and, upon realising which age they are in, travel to Spain to try to stop Christopher Columbus from discovering the Americas.