How safe is river rafting in Dandeli?

How safe is river rafting in Dandeli?

White water rafting in Dandeli is safe. There are ample skilled and professional rafters and rafting agencies who take the best care of their clients when they head out for a trip.

What precautions should be taken while river rafting?

10 Whitewater Rafting Safety Tips

  1. Choose a licensed and professional rafting outfitter.
  2. Always wear a life jacket, or personal flotation device (PFD).
  3. Be safe and comfortable.
  4. Make sure you have the right outerwear for the day.
  5. Hold the paddle properly.
  6. Stay in the boat!
  7. Know the proper swimming techniques.

What is the cost of river rafting in Dandeli?

What is the cost of rafting in Dandeli? The cost of Dandeli river rafting generally starts from INR 900 per head and can go up to INR 2,500 per head.

How many grades of difficulty are there in river rafting?

On the basis of difficulty in white water rafting, the rivers are graded on five grades, ranging from easy and simple to extremely dangerous.

How long is Dandeli river rafting?

The 12 km rafting excursion lasts 3 to 4 hours end to end, including transportation from the resort to the starting point. Where to book: Rafting is operated by the Karnataka Forest Department.

What should I wear in Dandeli?

Note. It’s a good idea to wear layers of clothes rather than one thick sweater or windcheater. Even in winters, the trek might warm you up and wearing light clothes in layers will allow you to shed one layer at a time to suit your comfort. Now you’re all set to embark on the vacation of vacations – your trip to Dandeli …

What do I need to know before rafting?

Follow these tips to make your rafting trip safer and more enjoyable.

  • Book Early.
  • Consider Everyone in Your Group.
  • Pick a Professional, Licensed Outfitter.
  • Wear a Life Jacket and Helmet at All Times.
  • Hold Your Paddle Correctly.
  • Be Familiar With Proper Swimming Techniques.
  • Listen to Your Guide.
  • Don’t Bring Too Many Electronics.

What is proper etiquette of water rafting?

Main thing that you should do is to try grabbing the rope on side of the river raft, so that you could be easily pulled back on the boat, but if you don’t manage to do that, you should float on your back with your legs up on the water surface and your arms crossed on your chest.

Which is the best time to visit Dandeli?

Though, the climate remains pleasant all through the year but the best time to visit Dandeli is from October to May. Summers in Dandeli are not on the hotter side as the average temperature remains around 33°C. During this season, quite a good number of people from different parts of the world pay a visit here.

How many levels are there in rafting?

The Six Levels of Every River’s Water Rafting Course. The standard water level ranking system holds six major categories. The scale used is referred to as the International scale of river difficulty and was created by the American Whitewater Association.

Can you do Grade 6 rapids?

Grade 6. Extreme on another level. Think of the most extreme rapids you’ve seen and make them even more ferocious. Grade 6 rapids will look un-runnable, but under the right circumstances and with the right amount of skill and experience, they can sometimes be possible.

Is rafting started in Dandeli?

Dandeli is a popular adventure sports destination in Karnataka due to white water rafting opportunities in the Kali river. There are many private operators along with Karnataka Forest department (state-run) organising rafting operations. Other adventure activities include boating, Kayaking and Bird watching.

When is the best time to raft the Dandeli River?

Best Season for Rafting is October 10th to June 10th. Dandeli river rafting in march has less crowed so this month will be the best river rafting in Dandeli month to enjoy your more time in rafting activity. Dandeli river rafting price is same whole year but you may get discounts in February and March month.

How big is the rafting trail in Dandeli?

The rafting trail is of about 12-15 kilometres which makes it very exhilarating and the surroundings throughout the trail are stunning, which makes the experience even more exciting and enjoyable. The rafting here is suitable for everyone, from novice to master. The difficulty level here is grade 2 and grade 3 rapids.

Which is the best place for white water rafting in India?

Located on the River Kali in the Western Ghats, Dandeli is one of the best places for white water rafting in the South. There are grade 2 and 3 rapids over a 12 kilometer stretch and are ideal for professionals as well as amateurs.

Which is the best way to travel to Dandeli?

Rail: Dandeli lies at a distance of about 30 km from Alnavar Junction. Road: Dandeli is well connected to Bangalore, Mumbai, Goa, Belgaum, Karwar and Dharwad, Hubli by road. There are private as well as KSRTC buses plying to Dandeli everyday. Pick up and drop facility from closest destination is available on request.