How to Choose the best Mobile Insurance in India

How to Choose the best Mobile Insurance in India

With smartphone prices skyrocketing, it is but essential that you buy mobile insurance – lest you end up spending money on repairing shattered screens and damaged exteriors.

So, what exactly is mobile insurance and how does it help? Two very pertinent questions that shall be answered as you read through this piece!

What is Mobile Insurance?

Essentially, mobile insurance provides monetary cover which takes care of costs incurred when one needs to get their phone’s damages repaired. Most mobile insurance plans cover screen/display damages or replacement, and damages caused to the body of the device.

Is it a good idea to buy only Mobile Screen damage insurance?

If you are an iPhone or OnePlus owner, or perhaps have a flagship device from other brands like Samsung, the cost of repairing a shattered display could well be over Rs. 12,000!

Moreover, if you happen to be travelling to another country and your phone’s screen breaks or you give your phone to your friend to click a selfie and he/she drops the phone accidently and ended up breaking the screen of your phone – what do you do? Spend more money on a new one? Not the best solution, right? In such scenarios, having a Mobile insurance covering screen damage really helps.

Things you should check before buying a mobile screen damage insurance

1.What does the mobile insurance policy cover?

Coverage is important point to keep in mind when comparing mobile insurance policies offered by various insurance companies is. You should check the following things when you check the coverage of the mobile insurance plans:

  • Are they covering the repairing or replacing a damaged phone screen?
  • Are they covering liquid damages resulting in damaging the phone screen?
  • Accidental screen damage covered?
  • Do they provide Worldwide coverage?
  • What if someone else break the phone screen accidently? Is that covered?
  • Is the insurance company covering the complete screen repair cost?
  • Is the insurance company provide a cashless repair facility or reimbursement?
  • Is it allowed to repair the phone at any of the service centre or only company service centre?

2.What’s excluded from the mobile insurance plan?

Knowing what’s not covered in your mobile insurance is equally important as knowing what’s covered! While polices vary from company to company, listed below are some common exclusions –

  • Any damage or technical malfunction which existed before one buy the insurance plan
  • The policyholder is unable to provide genuine proof of loss of phone rendering the claim suspicious
  • Damages caused to the phone deliberately
  • Damages due to climate conditions
  • Experimenting with the device which results in malfunctions

3.What is the Claim Process?

Perhaps the most important factor to consider is the claim process offered by the insurance provider.

  • Does the policyholder need to file an FIR when reporting the screen damage?
  • Does the insurance company have a toll-free contact number for policyholder use? If no, what are the other channels that can be used to contact the insurance provider?
  • Does the insurance company provide 24X7 assistance?
  • Can the policyholder file a claim online or does he/she need to visit the nearest branch to do this?
  • Does the insurance provider require the policyholder to provide photographs to support their claims for damage?
  • How many claim settlements does the mobile insurance provider offer per policy term?
  • What other documents does the policy holder must provide to support his/her claim request?

4.What are the various plans offered? Are they affordable?

Most mobile insurance providers offer various plans. Be sure to go through each plan and understand what each has to offer before choosing one.

Check if the insurer is providing any short term or long term protection plan.

Where do I buy a Mobile screen damage insurance?

Now, that you have a fair idea about mobile insurance, its time you get a plan for your smartphone.

Digit Insurance is one such company providing mobile insurance online. Few highlights from about their mobile insurance plan:

  • Low cost plans for New & Used phones – they cover both old and new phones in their plans.
  • Accidental Screen damage covered – Accidental screen damages are covered. Liquid damages leading to the damage of the screen are also covered.
  • IMEI linked Worldwide cover – Digit’s mobile insurance policy is valid across the world. Also, they are IMEI linked so you will get the claim amount even if your phone screen was damaged accidently by someone else.
  • Reimburse up to Sum Insured – You will get the promised sum insured once your claim is approved.