How to group data based on month in sql?

How to group data based on month in sql?

Here is the SQL query to group by month name. In the above SQL query we use date_format(order_date, “%M”) to convert a date column into month name, and use sum column to add up the sales amounts.

How do I count months in SQL by record?

“get data count for per month in sql” Code Answer

  1. SELECT EXTRACT(month FROM dateofappointment) “Month”, count(*)
  2. WHERE EXTRACT(YEAR FROM dateofappointment) = ‘2014’
  3. GROUP BY EXTRACT(month FROM dateofappointment)
  4. ORDER BY EXTRACT(month FROM dateofappointment);

Can we use GROUP BY and order by Together in Oracle?

Upon some research I found that the two (GROUP BY and ORDER BY) cannot be used together in the same query as I did not include both manager_id and salary within the GROUP BY clause.

Is not a GROUP BY expression?

ORA-00979 occurs when the GROUP BY clause does not contain all the expressions in the SELECT clause. Any SELECT expression that is not included in the GROUP function must be listed in the GROUP BY clause. These are AVG, COUNT, MAX, MIN, SUM, STDDEV, and VARIANCE.

How do you find the number of months between two dates in SQL?

The following statement calculates the months between two specified dates: SQL> SELECT MONTHS_BETWEEN 2 (TO_DATE(’02-02-2015′,’MM-DD-YYYY’), 3 TO_DATE(’12-01-2014′,’MM-DD-YYYY’) ) “Months” 4 FROM DUAL;.

Can GROUP BY and ORDER BY used together?

Both GROUP BY and ORDER BY are clauses (or statements) that serve similar functions; that is to sort query results. However, each of these serve very different purposes; so different in fact, that they can be employed separately or together.

How do you use ORDER BY in GROUP BY clause?

This clause sorts the result-set in ascending order by default. In order to sort the result-set in descending order DESC keyword is used….Group By Syntax –

6. Group by controls the presentation of tuples(rows). While order by clause controls the presentation of columns.

When do you use SQL GROUP BY month?

SQL GROUP BY month is used to get the grouped data in a summarized way based on each of the months in SQL tables.

How to get the monthly data in SQL?

To get the monthly data we will first need to retrieve the month from the joining date and time column and apply that value as the grouping criteria. Further, we want to retrieve the sum of the rate in a monthly format.

Can a column name be a month in SQL?

There can be single or multiple column names on which the criteria need to be applied. We can even mention expressions as the grouping criteria that can include functions available in SQL to retrieve month from the date and time-related data types. It can also be a single column name that stores month value for that records.

How can I retrieve data in a month?

We can retrieve the data in a month’s format by grouping the resultset based on the month. For this, some of the columns of the table from which the data is being required must contain the month value or date value from where the month can be retrieved.