How to Pass the Time in Australia

Australia’s enticing rugged coastlines, expansive outback, and pleasant climate throughout the year make it an irresistible destination for travelers seeking an abundance of outdoor adventures.

Whether you are a visitor or a local, you will find a wide range of incredible experiences, making it difficult to decide where to begin. From adventurous activities like crocodile spotting in the Northern Territory to wildlife encounters and immersive cultural experiences, there is always something for you. Choosing any of these memorable experiences guarantees an unforgettable trip to Australia.

Water Sports

Australians have a strong beach culture, with around 90% of the population living within two hours of the coast. Surfing is a mainstream sport in Australia, with world-class waves on all coastlines except the north. If you are a beginner, you should take lessons before surfing and stick to patrolled beaches. Sailing is also popular, with destinations including the Whitsunday Islands, Sydney Harbour, and Fremantle. The Great Barrier Reef is a huge draw for divers, while Ningaloo Marine Park in Western Australia is less commercial but offers superb snorkeling and the opportunity to swim with whale sharks.


Gambling is a popular pastime in Australia, although laws differ across states. Even small towns have their own racetracks, and government TAB betting agencies and casinos are widespread. One-armed bandits, or “pokies,” are common in pubs and clubs throughout the country, and state lotteries are also prevalent.

The online casino games craze has caught up with Australians, as popular online casinos continue to record increased numbers of players. However, the need for online safety is always an emphasis across multiple Aussie quarters. The need to get games from authentic sources, and the process of downloading poker or any other games securely are some of the essential subjects.

While having a plethora of online gaming options may seem like a good thing, it can also be daunting. To help alleviate this issue, a team of experts has done all the groundwork for you by conducting research and identifying the best pokies to play. The research is based on factors such as Return to Player (RTP), Random Number Generator (RNG), game quality, bonus features, and payout rates.


The cricket season runs from October to March and includes the interstate Sheffield Shield matches, one-day games, and international tests. The most significant cricket competition is the biennial Ashes series between Australia and England, which has been ongoing for 130 years. The series is highly competitive, and the trophy is a crystal glass replica of a set of bails that were cremated after an Australian victory in 1882. Catching a game or two is certainly something you’d fancy.

Shopping and Eating Out

Australia is a great destination for foodies, with Melbourne being the most renowned city for food and coffee. However, other cities like Perth, Broome, Sydney, and Tasmania also offer fresh and seasonal cuisine influenced by different immigration groups. Popular cuisines include Italian, French, Greek, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, and Indian. For some shopping experience, be sure to visit Sydney and Melbourne. Popular malls like Emporium, Chadstone, Melbourne Central, The Rocks, and Queen Victoria Building will give you a variety of options for clothing, shoes, accessories, and more.


Australia’s wilderness provides excellent off-road driving and motorbiking opportunities, particularly in Northern Queensland’s Cape York and Western Australia’s Kimberley regions. However, you’ll need to obtain authorization before accessing some areas such as the Aboriginal-owned lands. Drivers should be mindful of the fragile desert ecology. Some of the outback tracks can be driven on with two-wheel drive in dry conditions, but some vehicles may struggle. A 4WD or trail bike is needed to reach the tip of Queensland’s Cape York Peninsula, while Kimberley’s Gibb River Road is popular in the Dry season despite its notorious corrugation.